Warrington in the spotlight

The town of Warrington and its unique role in the history of Freemasonry, is extensively featured in the latest edition of the magazine, ‘Lancashire’. The very comprehensive and detailed article covers the town’s role, through the association with Elias Ashmole, in the early history of English Masonry.

Warrington Mason Vic Charlesworth, was the initial contact with the magazine and provided much of the information on the town’s Masonic pedigree together with details of the development and exhibition of Masonic regalia and documents at the Warrington Masonic Museum and Library.

The article was further expanded by contributions from Mark Holloway regarding the various events and celebrations taking place in West Lancashire to mark the tercentenary year. In addition, it also features a number of photographs taken during these events. The work of the Masonic Charitable Foundation also receives much welcome coverage and details of the grants and awards made to local charities are detailed.

Lancashire Magazines have very kindly allowed us to provide an online copy of the feature, which can be viewed by following this link.  More local stories and features in the magazine can be seen by following this link to the magazine’s website.