Tony thanks Jim for his work

The Grand Superintendent, Tony Harrison accompanied by the Second Provincial Grand Principal, the Third Provincial Grand Principal, the Deputy Grand Superintendent and an Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals along with a considerable number of the acting Provincial officers of the year attended the installation meeting of Chapter of Faith No 484.

Jim Miller at Provincial Grand Chapter.

Jim Miller at Provincial Grand Chapter.

This was a special visit by Tony to the chapter to recognise the tremendous amount of work undertaken by the acting Provincial Grand Scribe Nehemiah James (Jim) Miller who is a member of the chapter.

On this occasion the first principal John Selley was to remain in the first principal’s chair and he was proclaimed as such by the chapter DC. Michael Gray was installed in the second principal’s chair by Evan Walsh who was the installing second principal, Mark Holloway was once again installed as third principal by Mike Gray.

At the end of the installation ceremony Tony complimented the officers who had taken part in the ceremony and thanked Jim for all his work during his year in office as Provincial Grand Scribe Nehemiah. He also thanked the members of the chapter on behalf of the Provincial team for their very warm welcome and the hospitality they had shown to all the guests. John on behalf of the chapter presented Tony with four cheques. £750 to the MCF 2021 Festival, £250 to West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity and £75 each to Tithebarn and Ecclesholme Masonic homes. It was also noted that almost £60 had already been sent to the Festival on behalf of companions of the chapter. Including Gift Aid the total donation was over £1,250.

At the festive board, Tony complimented the staff and the caterer on the excellence of the meal and service. A raffle at the festive board raised £285 which will be donated to the MCF 2021 Festival. The song to the three principals was sung by Paul O’Brien accompanied by Les Campbell.

A very enjoyable evening was had by all the companions present.