The organist entertains

The historic market hall situated in the main square of the beautiful Lakeland village of Hawkshead was the setting for a fund raising evening to purchase equipment for the soon to be opened community health centre. The driving force behind the event was Hawkshead Lodge No 4354 member David Cole who, with the assistance of other members of the lodge, organised the evening.

Paul Gregson

Accomplished organist Paul Gregson provided the entertainment. In the first half he showed his great virtuosity on the organ as he moved seamlessly from one known classic tune to another.

There was then a chance to enjoy a truly sumptuous buffet before the second half got under way. This took the form of a ‘Last Night of the Proms’. The word sheets were distributed and everyone joined in a sing-along to old favourites such as “Danny Boy”, “Who were you with last night?” and “Roll out the barrel”. The tunes and effects that Paul was able to conjure from the organ were delightful – whilst the singing, well, let us just say it was very enthusiastic!

The grand finale was a rendition of those classic last night airs of ‘Jerusalem’ and ‘Rule Britannia’ before culminating in the singing of ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ with the whole crowd on their feet waving Union Jacks.

Master of Hawkshead Lodge Tim Gill thanked the members of the lodge who had assisted in making the night possible before announcing that the sum of £355 had been raised to help purchase equipment for the health centre.

The enthusiastic singers.