Sean is installed in Lodge of Valour

Lodge of Valour No 4322 welcomed Assistant Provincial Grand Master David Winder as their guest of honour at the installation of Sean Woodcock.

David Winder (left) congratulates Sean.

David Winder (left) congratulates Sean.

Proceedings duly began at 3.30pm when incumbent master David Scase opened the lodge in all three degrees before welcoming David Winder into the lodge, who having been offered the gavel chose on this occasion to deliver it back to the master whom he felt assured, would make better use of it than he during the meeting.

With formal greetings dealt with, David Scase went on to declare a board of installed masters as being in session to install his successor. Sean Woodcock was duly installed and placed into the chair of King Solomon in what can only be described as a most fitting and enjoyable manner.

Junior brethren were then readmitted into the lodge and the working tools were delivered to the new master Sean in excellent fashion by Andrew Savage in the third degree, Ernie Gardner in the second and James Palmer in the first.

Acting Provincial Junior Grand Warden Jonathan Heaton addressed the wardens in an excellent manner. The address to the worshipful master was delivered by Jim Burrus, who also happens to be the worshipful masters’ proposer into Freemasonry. A very proud moment for both.

Following his address to the brethren of the lodge, David Winder added a fine touch to proceedings by taking the time to personally thank each person who had taken part in the ceremony, many brethren later commenting on how nice this was.

Both the outgoing and incoming masters of this very fine lodge have relatively short careers in Masonry, both only joining in recent years.

Lodge secretary Len Speakman said, ‘David Scase came to live next door to me when he met his partner Sandra, we soon became friends and then he asked me to propose him into the Lodge of Valour.’

After speaking with his uncle, R S Faulkner a Mason in the East Lancashire Province, David was proposed into the Lodge of Valour on the 9 May 2011 becoming a very active member of the lodge.

Sean Woodcock WM (left) and IPM David Scase.

Sean Woodcock WM (left) and IPM David Scase.

David is a self-employed builder and his main hobby is caravanning – his secret hobby is restoring his Morris Minor. David’s partner Sandra has health problems but has fortunately remained healthy during the year.

Master elect, Sean Woodcock moved from Newcastle upon Tyne to Leigh 14 years ago, when he married his wife Yvonne. They met in Newcastle when she was visiting her brother who was Sean’s friend. They have a son, George. Sean is a Powered Access Engineer and now he is travelling around the country undertaking safety inspections. His hobbies are keeping fit and watching all sports.

Sean and Yvonne should have been master and lady of the Lodge of Valour last year but due to Sandra’s ill health chose to stand down to allow Sandra and David to take those roles.

Once the business of the lodge was concluded the brethren retired to the festive board, where they were treated to an excellent meal.

In response to the toast to his health, David Winder who also heads up the Provincial charity team reminded the brethren of just how important our charity giving is to those in need. He highlighted well, the point that our Masonic halls are at the very heart of our charity and that keeping them alive is fundamental in ensuring that Masonry continues its charitable giving. David then talked about how important it is to enjoy our Freemasonry and in doing so not be too shy in saying we are Freemasons and what our principles stand for; this he said was something we should be very proud of.

The evening concluded with fun and fraternity.

Pictured from left to right, are: Alf Heyes, John Howarth, Len Hart, Geoff Bent, David Winder, Sean Woodcock, Malcolm Parr, Jim Burrus, Davis Scase and Steve Ralph.

Pictured from left to right, are: Alf Heyes, John Howarth, Len Hart, Geoff Bent, David Winder, Sean Woodcock, Malcolm Parr, Jim Burrus, Davis Scase and Steve Ralph.