Provincial honours for the Eccles and District Group

January saw written communications from Provincial Grand Lodge arriving through a number of letter boxes to brethren from the Eccles and District Group of Lodges and Chapters. Those communications were indeed directed to those pleasantly surprised recipients who had been deemed as having given their valued contribution towards their lodges, chapters and Masonic involvements earning them recognition by way of a Provincial honours’ in this years’ selections.

John Hutton, Assistant Provincial Grand Master for the Eccles and District Group of Lodges and Chapters along with the Eccles Group Chairman Dave Walmsley, extend their congratulations to those who have received acting ranks, first appointments and promotions. In addition, they also offer their congratulations to Anthony John Edden who has received a Craft grand rank promotion to PJGD.

Listed below are the brethren who have been nominated for the 2017 period and are to receive their Provincial honours at the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting to be held in the Opera House, Blackpool on Wednesday 10 May.



Paul Newton                           Pendlebury Lodge No 8177                            PrAGDC         (acting office)

David Marlor                           Egerton Worsley Lodge No 1213                  PrGStwd         (acting office)

Andrew Paul Heslop               Andrew Lodge No 3328                                PPrAGDC



Harold S Smith                       Lodge of Hope No 2679                                 PPrJGW

Jeffrey E Livesey                    Monton Progress Lodge No 6361                 PPrGSwdB

Brian Kildufff                           St Augustines Lodge No 9018                      PPrGSuptWks

Jonathan Platt                         Andrew Lodge No 3328                                 PPrDGSuptWks


The Eccles Group Vice Chairman Stuart Sutherland Boyd, on behalf of the companions of the Eccles Group of chapters extends his congratulations to the Eccles Group Chairman David John Walmsley on his receiving a first grand rank appointment in Supreme Grand Chapter to PGStB. Notification of appointments and promotions within Provincial Grand Chapter will be released in May this year, due to that meeting being rescheduled to the month of October in future years.

Article by Tom Fredrickson.

Blackpool Opera House.

Blackpool Opera House.