Jim celebrates 50 years

There are many reasons for coming into contact with Masonry but the pathway of James Edmondson Dixon was not one of the usual routes. In 1964, the current lodge building was being constructed at Newby Bridge for Newby Bridge Lodge No 4598.

Jim Dixon (seated) receives his certificate from David Grainger.

Jim was actually involved in the erection of the building and was subsequently proposed as a member. He was initiated on 9 May 1967 in what could be viewed as a change from operative to speculative Masonry. He was a very active member and ascended to the chair of the lodge in 1979.

His Masonic career saw him serve Newby Bridge Lodge for eight years as director of ceremonies and for many years he also served on the group boxing committee helping to organise that highly successfully annual fundraising event. His efforts on behalf of the Craft saw him reach the high rank of Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden.

Due to deteriorating health, Jim has found it difficult to get to his lodge and was recently elected as an honorary member. To mark his golden jubilee Assistant Provincial Grand Master David Grainger, along with Furness and South Lakeland Group Chairman Peter Schofield, the lodge’s master Reg Wilkinson and lodge member Phil Preston called on Jim at his home. Jim’s wife Pat went to the trouble of putting on a fabulous afternoon tea to mark the visit.

Peter read out the 50 years certificate from the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison, which David then presented to Jim. Peter presented him with a 50 year pin on behalf of the group and Reg presented Pat with a bouquet of flowers on behalf of the lodge.

The afternoon may not have had the same pomp and ceremony as that observed in a lodge room but it was nonetheless a very special, moving and thoroughly enjoyable occasion. Jim’s parting words were that he may just surprise everyone and turn up at Newby Bridge Lodge one evening.

Pictured from left to right, are: Peter Schofield, Reg Wilkinson and David Grainger with Jim Dixon seated.