David returns to the chair for the fourth time

The members and visitors attending the installation meeting of Ingol Lodge of St Margaret No 8544 were treated to an excellent ceremony, at which the outgoing master Nick Colosimo installed David Seed as his successor into the WM’s chair of the lodge. David brings plenty of experience to the chair having held that position on three previous occasions.

Frank (left) congratulates David on attaining the chair.

Frank (left) congratulates David on attaining the chair.

On this occasion the lodge members were honoured by the presence of Ormskirk and District Group Chairman Frank Umbers as their principal guest. Frank was accompanied by Preston Group Vice Chairman Geoff Saul and grand officer Brain Sandall. They were supported by Neil Fitzgerald in his role as acting Provincial Grand Steward.

The ceremony commenced with David being presented to Nick by Bob Cadman. The working tools of the third, second and first degrees were presented in an exemplary manner by Joe Welsby, Andrew Colosimo and Owen Thomas respectively. Following David’s installation, he was addressed in an equally excellent manner by Joe Welsby that was much appreciated by the brethren present, especially as due to unforeseen circumstances Joe had been co-opted into the role at very short notice.

The address to the brethren was given by the principal guest Frank Umbers who, at the conclusion of the ceremony, brought greetings and congratulations from the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison and congratulated David on attaining the chair once more. He wished him an enjoyable and fulfilling year in office and went on to congratulate all those that had taken part in the ceremony, in particular mentioning the excellent work of Nick as the installing master.

On behalf of the members of the lodge, David had the pleasure of presenting three cheques to Frank, the first to the value of £250 in support of St Catharine’s Hospice; the second, also for £250, for the Rosemere Cancer Trust and the third for £198 in support of the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Nick was presented with the Syd Lucas commemorative jewel by Brian Sandall, who thanked him for all the work he had done for the lodge during his year in office. The Syd Lucas jewel was originally presented to the lodge by Syd, who was one of the founders of the lodge, and is traditionally presented to the outgoing master for him to wear with pride during the following 12 months.

Later in the evening, the brethren were treated to a delightful rendition of the master’s song given by Ellis Wilkinson, accompanied by John Whittall on the piano.

In response to the toast to the grand officers, Frank on his own behalf congratulated David on attaining the chair of the lodge for the fourth time and Nick for his excellent work as the installing master. He congratulated and thanked all those who had taken part in what had been an enjoyable and well conducted ceremony

He continued by saying that those attending on behalf of the PrGM are asked to cover several key areas of Freemasonry on their visits to lodges and he spoke at length on the three ‘R’s’ of recruitment, retention and retrieval, the merits of each of these initiatives and about talking openly to non-masons on the enjoyment Freemasons garnered from being a part of such a great organisation.

On behalf of the ultimate recipients, he thanked the members for the cheques presented in lodge totalling £698. He noted that the fundraising continued with the charity collection in the lodge and a raffle held at the installation banquet had raised £130 in support of Masonic and non-masonic charities.

Frank went on to encourage those who are not members of the Royal Arch to consider joining. The Royal Arch enhanced emulation ritual demonstrations are taking place in the Province in order to add drama to the ceremonies and make them more understandable to the candidates

He concluded by encouraging the brethren to continue to support their Masonic halls, as they provide the focus for members to enjoy their Freemasonry in the company of other likeminded brethren.

Pictured from left to right, are: Frank Umbers, Nick Colosimo, David Seed, Neil Fitzgerald and Geoff Saul.

Pictured from left to right, are: Frank Umbers, Nick Colosimo, David Seed, Neil Fitzgerald and Geoff Saul.

To conclude the evening’s event, the inner guard of the lodge, Owen Thomas, proposed the traditional toast to the lodge founders to which, Alan Dargie had the pleasure of responding both on his behalf and the other co-founder present, Brian Sandall.