• Eric Hart
    Provincial Grand Almoner

    Paul Broadley is the Deputy to the Provincial Grand Almoner

    Paul is responsible for the day to day working  of the care team and lodge almoners. He is also responsible for liaison with the almoners of the Royal Arch to promote a better understanding of care in the Province.

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    Provincial Care Structure

    The Province of West Lancashire provides a dedicated care structure in support of brethren, widows and dependants that at times of sickness, personal distress or financial hardship are in need of Masonic assistance. The structure is set up as follows:

    • Provincial Grand Almoner
    • Deputy to the Provincial Grand Almoner
    • 14 Pastoral care officers
    • 17 Admin care officers
    • Eight Admin and PR care officers
    • More than 500 Craft and Royal Arch almoners

    The Provincial Grand Almoner, his deputy, pastoral care officers, admin and admin and pr care officers are all appointed by the Provincial Grand Master.