Bill proclaimed for another term

Brethren and visitors of Adeste Fideles Lodge No 7425 stood to order to receive the WM Bill Dickinson and his wardens as they entered the lodge and then opened the lodge in the first degree. At this point the lodge DC Graham Scott announced and informed the brethren that Peter Schofield PrJGW was without and seeks admission. Bill said that the members would be honoured to receive him. Peter processed into the lodge accompanied by Roy Pine, group vice chairman Vic Albin and other Provincial officers.

Bill Dickinson (right) greets Peter Schofield.

Bill Dickinson (right) greets Peter Schofield.

Bill greeted Peter to the small and happy gathering and Peter replied by saying he was very pleased to be present after an enjoyable trip down from Furness and had been looking forward to the evening for some time.

The lodge was then opened in the second and third degrees. Roy Pine was saluted and then Vic Albin with Peter Scholfield. The WM then requested past masters to assist him for the ceremony. Graham Benson occupied the SW’s chair; David Walmsley the JW’s chair and Ron Kenworthy the position of inner guard.

Graham Scott asked the secretary to read the proclamation for Bill, having been elected by the brethren, to take the chair of King Solomon for a further period. Bill had been WM in 2000 as well. The lodge was closed from the third degree to the second and then to the first degree and Graham Scott requested the WM to invest his officers.

Geoff Roberts became SW and Graham Benson JW, the address was given to each warden by the WM. Senior deacon appointed was Neville Dickinson and junior deacon was Harry Smith. The address to the deacons was delivered by David Walmsley and he also delivered the address to the tyler John Hibbert.

Pictured from left to right, are: Vic Albin, Peter Scholfield and Bill Dickinson.

Pictured from left to right, are: Vic Albin, Peter Scholfield and Bill Dickinson.

The lodge’s new almoner Ron Kenworthy had his address presented by Vic Albin. Malcolm Harris had volunteered to become assistant almoner. Bill Dickinson delivered the address to the inner guard and Peter Scholfield delivered the address to the brethren.

That concluded the ceremony of installation which was Peter’s cue to rise and convey congratulations to the WM from the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison. He also said that Tony had asked him to convey his congratulations to Bill and thank him for taking the chair for another term. Peter went on to say that had Tony been present he would have congratulated Graham Scott for the work he had carried out and wished that all the brethren would continue to enjoy their Freemasonry.

Bill presented some cheques to Peter who responded saying that they were a magnificent sum of money. Peter read out the amounts and on behalf of the recipients he thanked the lodge members for their generosity, to the brethren’s acclaim. A total of £430 was presented of which £150 was donated to non-Masonic causes, £30 to Friends of Tithbarn and £250 to WLFC.

After the first rising the DC formed the recession and Peter, Roy and Vic and other Provincial officers retired. The lodge was then closed and all the brethren retired to the dining room.