Abercromby promotes TLC Bears

The following letter which was titled ‘Moment of pride’,  was printed in the latest edition of “Freemasonry Today”. It appeared on page 74, the letters page and was submitted by Mathew Riley, a member of Abercromby Lodge No 3699. This lodge is the most recent addition to the Gladstone Group of Lodges and Chapters. Matty regularly visits lodges in the Cheshire Province and is familiar with the scheme. As the magazine it appeared in is circulated to every Freemason in the country as well as in certain other countries throughout the world, it’s nice to know that the ‘TLC Bear Scheme’ is being publicised not only in the Province of Cheshire, but well beyond . Well done, Matty!

The letter in ‘Freemasonry Today’, reads:

“I had ended up in Arrowe Park Hospital with my daughter and my little grandson. Thankfully nothing serious. However, there was a young girl in a great deal of pain and discomfort. The staff all tried to calm and settle her, but to no avail. The staff nurse on the ward then brought on of the Teddies for Loving Care bears to her and within minutes the little girl had settled, allowing the doctors to do their bit while she cuddled her new friend.

As a parent it was lovely to see. As a Freemason, it was a moment of pure bliss and pride, knowing my fellow brethren from another Province had helped her. Great effort by all the Cheshire brethren and beyond – you should all feel proud.”

Currently, Matty is the Senior Deacon in his lodge and in a few short years will find himself in the master’s chair. He has also taken on the task of organising a Burns Night which will be held at The Adelphi Hotel on Saturday 21 January 2017. It will be Abercromby Lodge’s way of celebrating the Tercentenary. The event is open to brethren of other lodges, wives and partners are encouraged to join in the celebration. The event is also open to non-Masons and their wives and partners. For information contact Matty via email: mattyriley@aol.com or see the poster for the event by clicking here.

For more information on TLC Bears visit http://www.tlcappeal.org/history/

Teddys' for Loving Care..... 'Bears that Care'

Teddys’ for Loving Care….. ‘Bears that Care’



Article written by Philip Marshall