A Mason who has a very large extended family

Warren Whalley is a Freemason and a member of Academy Lodge No 9382, which is in the Warrington Group. He was initiated in March 1999 and was passed and raised in the same year. In 2007 after occupying every office, he was installed into the chair of King Solomon. After completing one year as IPM, Warren was elected almoner of the lodge, a position which he enjoys very much and which echoes his caring attitude to life and his fellow creatures, it is a position he still holds to this date.

Ros and Warren with their MBE’s and a picture of their investiture.

Ros and Warren with their MBE’s and a picture of their investiture.

Warren is married to Ros and they have been foster parents for 40 Years. During that time they have cared for nearly 100 babies and children. They commented that they just cared for them as though they were their own children and they have been honoured for their services to children and families in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. Ros and Warren’s work and dedication to fostering has been rewarded, as they both received an MBE and now, following their visit to the Palace, they have been invested by HRH Prince Charles with their awards.

Kind hearted Warren and Ros said they were ‘shocked’ when they received a letter from the Prime Minister to inform them of the news, despite having fostered 96 babies.

After the investiture Warren and Ros said: “Fostering was just something we looked into after having our own children and we just love it. It’s about being able to give a baby a good start and providing them with a loving home. We very much make them a part of the family so we have a very big extended family. We enjoy what we do and get pleasure from seeing the children grow up happy.”

For more than 40 years Warren and Ros have opened their doors to those in need – some who are only hours old – and who often arrive with little or no notice. Many of the babies are fostered in difficult circumstances, but the couple are sensitive to this and make strenuous efforts to also support the parents. They have also helped in the recruitment of new foster carers and are active members of the foster carer committee.

Both Ros and Warren are strong supporters of the local community. They are actively involved in St Thomas’ Church in Stockton Heath by assisting with Sunday school or helping to organise many other church activities.

Warren also declares a keen interest in sport and has for many years been an avid supporter of Woolston Rovers rugby team for boys. He has been a committee member and actively involved in helping the team to function, including less glamourous activities such as washing the strip.

For Warren and Ros this year is proving to be a very eventful one, as Warren has recently been notified that he will receive his first Provincial appointment in May this year and is to be honoured with the high rank of Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon. They have another very important event in June, when they will be celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. They are planning a celebration party, and just to show how their extended family has grown, their guest list currently stands at well over 200!