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  • See who seeks admission

    “Brother junior warden there is a report”. It can be costly, especially for an emergency expense. Shop for personal loans best rates every $37 or $678 borrow d. The borrower is not advised. The junior warden gave the normal response “See who seeks admission” to the surprise of everyone in the room the response was the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies Keith Kemp seeks admission!
    These words set in progress an amazing experience for the worshipful master and brethren of the City of Lancaster Lodge….

  • Vacancy for Deputy Provincial Publicity Officer

    As a result of impending retirement, a vacancy has arisen for Deputy Provincial Publicity Officer, to work with the…..

  • One Mason’s work in the community

    There are many Freemasons who work in the community. Most of their stories go untold. However, Professor Arthur Sun Myint’s work in the community is a story that may help save your life……

    Professor Myint has organised a National Papillon Study Day on Friday, 6 March 2015 to demystify the taboos and concepts of Papillon Contact Radiotherapy – to find out more…..

  • Walk the Bay for West Lancashire Freemason’s Charity

    David Winder, is taking his second Provincial walk in support of the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity across Morecambe Bay sands and would be pleased for brethren, their families, friends, children and even their dogs! to join him on this walk…..

What’s Freemasonry all about

This video explains the key elements of Freemasonry. It has been produced for use by all Freemasons in the Province. Please take every opportunity to share it with your family and all your non-Masonic friends….

watch the video

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Provincial Grand Master’s diary

We moved into March with the weather like a Lion, somewhat wild and fierce, but with the intention to enjoy the many meetings which were arranged for the month. On Tuesday 3 March, I firstly…

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Masonic Poet’s Corner

Many things have been written about Freemasonry in countless books and in papers to be delivered to Masonic research associations, but how many of us know that there is wealth of beautiful material about Freemasonry…

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Recent announcements

Vacancy for Deputy Provincial Publicity Officer

As a result of impending retirement, a vacancy has arisen for Deputy Provincial Publicity Officer, to work with the…..

Staff restructure at Provincial Office

As a result of a staff restucture at Provincial office, please direct all enquiries previously directed to….

Vacancy in the Provincial office

As a result of impending retirement, a vacancy has arisen in the Provincial Office, for the role of Provincial Deputy Grand Secretary….

Appointments and Retirements

The Provincial Grand Master has, with regret, received intimation from the following brethren of their intention to retire from office….

£20,000 of emergency aid donated after Vanuatu Cyclone

The cyclone has cause widespread destruction to one of the world’s least developed countries…..

Blackpool Masonic club prepares for Provincial Grand Lodge meeting

Blackpool Masonic club has announced that the club’s facilities in Adelaide Street, will be open from 9.30 am on 7 May….

News from around the Province

Tony Hall is the new Provincial Grand Scribe Nehemiah

Tony says that he is looking forward to his role as the PrGSN supporting the senior officers whilst visiting the groups within the Province…..

Woolton Group host Provincial Grand Chapter

187 companions were appointed and promoted in Provincial grand rank by the Grand Superintendent Tony Harrison…..


Mark my words, there was rhythm at Urmston

South Eastern Group Chairman Mike Adams hosted a well-attended AED (automated external defibrillator) training….

News from around the groups

Ever upwards

Nigel Fryer becomes the new worshipful master at Semper Sursum Lodge installation….

Work, rest and play is the order of the day at Runic

A great combination of excellent Masonic ritual, good food and superb entertainment were the ingredients….

Chris takes the chair of Old Crosbeian

Old Crosbeian Lodge is a unique lodge within the Bootle Group, in so much that it meets at Merchant Taylors’ School….

‘Nil sine labore’ in Rectitude.

To all those poor old beans who, as spotty-faced young scholars, were forced to toil and sweat over their Latin grammar ….


Carnforth Chapter welcomes Chris back

The members and guests of Carnforth Chapter were more than happy to welcome back the familiar and popular figure of….

Memories recalled at the Wigan Fellowship

It was a wonderful afternoon of memories at Wigan Group Fellowship meeting at Pemberton Masonic Hall, when….

Ian’s second time

Ian was then installed into the chair of King Solomon by Edward in the usual exemplary manner of St Luke’s Lodge….

Improvements made at Ecclesholme

The new addition to the lounge is the ‘Wall Herb Garden’, with a large range of boxes of herbs for those residents…..

Brian celebrates his golden anniversary

The brethren of the Lodge of Loyalty assembled to celebrate 50 years unbroken membership of the lodge by Brian Fackey…..

Larry joins Lodge of Unity

Southport’s oldest lodge, Lodge of Unity which was consecrated in 1853, became the lodge with the newest Freemason….