Celebrating the investiture of Tony Harrison as Provincial Grand Master for the Province of West Lancashire and Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of West Lancashire 


The recession after the Craft investiture

(Picture by courtesy of George Thornton)

Following the announcement in March that the Provincial Grand Master, Peter Hosker was to retire on the 19 May, a great deal of planning and hard work has taken place in London by UGLE and the Provincial team in Hope Street to prepare for the investiture meetings.

In the last few days all the planning by the Provincial Grand Directors of Ceremonies came together as the acting officers met in Leyland for two nights of rehearsals.

The job of moving the regalia, chapter and lodge furniture from Liverpool and Blackpool Masonic Hall to the Winter Gardens was also undertaken the day before the meeting so that the temple could be prepared for the investiture of James Anthony Harrison as Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of West Lancashire and Provincial Grand Master of the Province of West Lancashire by the Grand Secretary, Nigel Brown. Nigel stood in at short notice due to the Deputy Grand Master, Jonathan Spence being unable to attend the meeting due to a family issue.

On the day of the investiture final rehearsals started at 8am as the Grand Director of Ceremonies, Oliver Lodge and his team took the acting officers through their perambulations for the final time.

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