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  • Sixth annual Shrove Tuesday debate

    The motion before the meeting was ”This House believes that Freemasonry and Christianity are incompatible…..

  • Lodge of Concord celebrates its bi-centenary

    Ray had the pleasure of presenting Tony with a cheque for £2,343 in favour of the West Lancashire Freemason’ Charity…..

  • Walk the Bay for West Lancashire Freemason’s Charity

    David Winder, is taking his second Provincial walk in support of the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity across Morecambe Bay sands and would be pleased for brethren, their families, friends, children and even their dogs! to join him on this walk…..

  • One Mason’s work in the community

    There are many Freemasons who work in the community. It can be costly, especially for an emergency expense. Shop for personal loans best rates every $37 or $678 borrow d. The borrower is not advised. Most of their stories go untold. However, Professor Arthur Sun Myint’s work in the community is a story that may help save your life……

    Professor Myint has organised a National Papillon Study Day on Friday, 6 March 2015 to demystify the taboos and concepts of Papillon Contact Radiotherapy – to find out more…..


    The 155th Grand Masonic Ball will be held in the Premier Suite at the Macron Stadium, Bolton on Friday 13 March – Reception from 5.15 to 6.30 PM dinner served at 6.45pm…..

What’s Freemasonry all about

This video explains the key elements of Freemasonry. It has been produced for use by all Freemasons in the Province. Please take every opportunity to share it with your family and all your non-Masonic friends….

watch the video

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Provincial Grand Master’s diary

Brethren it is great to back here in West Lancashire enjoying the typical British weather, and where once again I am able enjoy my Freemasonry. It has been short but quite a busy month. My…

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Masonic Poet’s Corner

Many things have been written about Freemasonry in countless books and in papers to be delivered to Masonic research associations, but how many of us know that there is wealth of beautiful material about Freemasonry…

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Recent announcements

Exciting breakthrough in medical research funded by Freemasons

With the help of a £400,000 grant from The Freemasons’ Grand Charity a team at Imperial College London and….

Symbolism in Freemasonry

The theme of the 2015 Conference is the importance of symbolism in the first, second and third degrees as well as the Royal Arch…..

Change in procedure

Acting officers of the Province taking part in lodge/chapter installation processions/recessions can now…..

The WLFC needs volunteers

The vacancies arise within the finance department and would suit those who are computer literate and familiar with….

Follow up defibrillator training announced

Seven further sessions of refresher training will take place during March to find out where they are taking place read this…..

Walk the Bay for West Lancashire Freemason’s Charity

David Winder, is taking his second Provincial walk in support of the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity across Morecambe Bay sands and would be pleased for brethren, their families, friends, children and even their dogs! to join him on this walk…..

News from around the Province

Tony visits Leyland for a chat

Tony came along to witness a presentation given by the Metropolitan Grand Chapter of London titled ‘Talking Heads’ …..

PrGM unveils 19th century tracing cloths

Tony Harrison officially unveiled the three Masonic tracing cloths that were purchased in 1872, 1873 and 1889 by….

Preparing for Change

During the next three months when the care team are delivering their presentation ‘How do I get help’ Paul will be supporting the local care officers where possible and will be able to answer any questions brethren might…..

News from around the groups

Wigan Masters and First Principals Festival

It was a great turn out for the Wigan Group’s 49th Worshipful Masters and First Principals Festival ….

Chapter and verse at Chapter of Equity

Companions of Chapter of Equity were delighted to welcome Harry Ross as their principal guest at their installation….

A golden day for Dennis

Over 60 members and guests of Lodge of Lights came to celebrate with Dennis Wilding his 50 years in Freemasonry….

Dennis has the knowledge

Members of Longford Lodge and guests gathered to witness Dennis Kay being installed into the WM’s chair for his first time….

Another great Mariner’s Punchbowl night

For the last two centuries members of Mariner’s Lodge have celebrated the first meeting of each New Year by drinking….

Haldane celebrates golden jubilee with King’s

Companions of King’s Chapter gathered with the friends of Haldane Eccles to celebrate his 50 years in Royal Arch….

Historic meeting for Masonic Shooting Societies

The formation of this new Society should put Masonic Clay Shooting on a firm footing for future years….

A visit to Leeds armoury

The quality of some of the exhibits was outstanding and the visitors were allowed to wander freely around the armoury…..

Now you see it, now you don’t

The ‘magic of Freemasonry’ takes on a totally different meaning when one considers the huge number of professional magicians…

Runic Lodge ‘puts the kettle on’ for charity

On making their way out of the excellent venue, considerably fuller and, dare we venture, a few ounces heavier….

Norman takes the lead

The installation of Norman Pritchard into the first principal’s chair was attended by over 40 members and guests….