Yorkshire wins War of the Roses

Yorkshire didn’t 500 years ago but they did in 2015!

Let battle commence.

Let battle commence.

The modern war of the Roses was fought between the Masonic Provinces of Yorkshire West and North and East Ridings and the Provinces of East and West Lancashire at Coniston Hall Shooting Ground near Skipton.

43 shooters braved the pouring rain and wind to compete in a new competition, the ‘War of the Roses’ held over 50 sporting targets.

The layouts were interesting and Peter and his boys at Coniston put on some good targets to test even the best.

Lancashire were well in front until the last six people brought in scores and that made all the difference to the result with Yorkshire winning by six (Yes only six) clays out of 300.
The High gun for Yorkshire was not surprisingly Nigel Hurst and for Lancashire Evan Walsh who has regained his form to top the Lancashire list.

All who took part thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and the lunch at the Anchor Inn which followed.

Thanks go to Peter and his staff at Coniston Hall Shooting Ground, to Joyce, Chris, Sue, Eunice and June for looking after the paperwork and raffle which raised £130 for Charity.