WLMCPSS Provincial shoot

  • WLMCPSS-Provincial-shoot-Pic-1Jason Rhodes takes the Masonic tile
    and winners cup.

  • Another cold day at Crabtree farm for the Provincial Shoot gave the worst turn out for years.

    Lawrence Alston said: “ I don’t think that it was held in the north of our Province or on a Saturday helped.

    Those who did join us were treated to a feast of targets put on at Crabtree Farm with some new stands to get used to.”

    Some very good shootings was on display the best from a guest of Mike Casey, Mervyn Moylan, who only dropped one target to finish on 49.

    Jason Rhodes beat Wayne Parington by one to take the Masonic Title with 46. Graham Brereton beat Howard Whittaker to take the Veterans Trophy whilst Georgia Wynne took the Novice.

    Two more ladies, Chris Ridgeway and Gemma Smith fought it out for the top Lady with Gemma just taking it. Lawrence said: “It is good to have these three ladies shooting and their scores being so close.”

    With such good scores there a high hopes for the ‘Nationals’ on 1 August and with three ladies the society can enter teams in all classes, Masonic, ladies, veteran and guests.

    They could even win one for a change, we live in hope!

    The final scores were:

    Masons: 1st Jason Rhodes = 46, 2nd Wayne Parrington = 45, 3rd Ian Heyes = 36

    Veterans: 1st Graham Brereton = 38, 2nd Howard Whittaker = 34, 3rd Tim Gill & Trevor Hunt = 32

    Novice: 1st Georgia Wynne = 23

    Ladies: 1st Gemma Smith = 33, 2nd Chris Ridgeway = 31

    Guests: 1st Mervyn Moylan = 49, 2nd Derek Kilsby = 45, 3rd Horace Parington = 38

    Group Trophy: Leyland Group

    Thanks go to Joyce Brereton for taking the entries and selling Raffle Tickets and the Staff at Crabtree for their invaluable help.