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We all hope that we will not have to face financial hardship or major health problems; need help supporting our children or require extra care in our old age. In reality thousands of people every year need a little extra assistance. We, as Freemasons, are fortunate to have that support at hand.

“Freemasonry Cares” is there to make sure Masons and their dependants, in need of support, get it.

Freemasonry Cares logo 287Freemasonry Cares is a joint initiative involving the four central Masonic Charities and West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity and is a gateway to the help they can provide. It aims to increase awareness of that help and to make it easier to access via Freephone 0800 0356090

Rather than expect a potential applicant to remember and understand that there are five Masonic Charities offering many different types of help, the Freephone number will give you direct access.

This joint initiative acts as a passport to the assistance which is available, by increasing awareness, it makes it easier to access via a Freephone number 0800 0356090.

Your details will be recorded and if you meet the criteria, your enquiry will be given to the Provincial Grand Almoner within 24 hours of the call, who will arrange for an Admin Care Officer to visit you and complete the application form if applicable.

Criteria to be met:

    • You must have a Masonic connection
    • You must have a need within the charities guidelines
    • You must meet the financial criteria of the charity
    • You must agree to your details being processed on the charities computer

This initiative provides a unique opportunity to make sure those who, in the past, may not have been well versed in the existence or operation of our Masonic Charities (especially wives, partners and widows of Masons) are now brought up to date with the help available to them.Click on the 

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  • The Masonic Charitable Foundation will take over the work of the four central Masonic Charities, in April 2106 and will provide the same range of grants to Freemasons and their families who have a financial, health and care or family need.

  • The Grand Charity

    Grand-charity-LogoFrom January 2015, one form will be used for all grant making charities: WLFC, Grand Charity, RMTGB, and the Masonic Samaritan Fund. Note applications can only be completed by the admin care officer.

    The Provincial Grand Almoner Ernie Greenhalgh will be in the office on Wednesdays between between 10.00am and 3.00pm on 0151 482 4755

    This charity may provide financial assistance to Masons, widows and partners of Masons as well as a dependant of a deceased Mason, who was financially supported during the Mason’s life in the form of:

    • Financial grants for everyday expenses
    • Funeral cost to support a State grant
    • Emergency costs for repairs (Normal repairs will be handled through the Victor Donaldson Fund)

    To read more about the work of the charity visit the website:

  • Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys

    mtgb-logoThis charity deals with the children and grandchildren of Freemasons and covers financial support for children’s education where financial distress has occurred.

    In addition to the main grant making process, the charity also supports young people with exceptional talents who need financial assistance in order to embrace a life changing opportunity.

    It also supplies a limited amount of student accommodation in London.

    Applications for assistance under this heading can only be completed by the admin care officer.

    To read more about the work of the charity visit the website:

  • Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution

    RMBI-NEW-LogoCovers the operation and running of Ecclesholme and Tithebarn in West Lancashire, both of these home offer  specialist dementia care.

    They also operate a further 16 homes throughout England and Wales registered mainly for residential and nursing care, with a number offering specialist dementia care.

    To offer care advise to those living at home contact your lodge almoner or pastoral care officer, who will arrange for a specialist care visitor of the RMBI to visit and assist you in finding the correct solution of care for that individual.

    To provide UK holidays at four destinations for people on RMBI annuities or receiving a Masonic financial relief grant.

    To read more about the work of the charity visit the website:

  • Masonic Samaritan Fund

    MSFLOGO-NEWProvides grants to eligible beneficiaries who have an identified health or care need. For further  information covering the various areas of medical assistance this charity provides, contact your lodge almoner or pastoral care officer, who will be pleased to offer advice and support.

    Areas of assistance are

        • The cost of surgery, if there is an unacceptable delay through the NHS
        • Consultations with medical specialists, if the NHS waiting list is longer than 12 weeks
        • Counselling for depression, stress, etc.
        • Respite care, this enables the carers to have a break
        • Dental treatment where there is an unacceptable delay through the NHS
        • To financially support any modification in the home, necessary to meet a disability requirement
        • To supply disability equipment, after applying to government agencies has failed or there are unacceptable waiting times

    To read more about the work of the charity visit the website:

“We want to make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves and assist those in need”

If you, or someone you know, needs assistance, then contact Freemasonry Cares 0800 0356090