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Financial assistance is available for the relief of Freemasons of the Province, their widows, children and dependants who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress. It promotes the education of children who are in need of financial assistance and are resident in the Province. It assists Masonic charitable funds or institutions or other charitable institutions as the trustees shall from time to time decide. To apply for assistance, please contact your lodge almoner, admin care officer or pastoral care officer who will be happy to advise you on the help available.



    Children and Grandchildren of a West Lancashire Freemason
    Assistance is provided through the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys where there is evidence of hardship and distress in the family, irrespective of where they reside. Lodge almoners can arrange for the admin care officer to visit you and make an application if appropriate.

    Other children
    Where the child (up to age 25) is resident in our Province and there is not the connection with Freemasonry mentioned in the above paragraph, assistance may be provided if there is evidence of hardship in the family which is preventing an important feature of a child’s education.

    This is not confined to teaching but could be for a related activity.

    If you write to us explaining the need and the circumstances which are causing difficulty, we will seriously consider how we might help.


    Every application for assistance from Freemasons and their dependants is looked at carefully and sympathetically. The charity is most careful to ensure that all information is treated in the strictest confidence. We are currently helping several hundred Freemasons and their dependants who are in distress. Please, if you are in this condition, do not delay in contacting the almoner of the lodge. If you would prefer not to do this, the pastoral care officer is available to assist or you can even contact Freemasonry Cares 0800 0356090. We want to help. That’s what we are here for.

    The grants could be to help with the cost of financial emergencies, to meet essential household repairs or to make your financial position bearable.

    There will be a need to show evidence of income, savings and basic outgoings. Before you apply however, it is worth checking that you are receiving all your state benefit entitlements by clicking benefits checker.

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    Requests for grants to help community schemes in the Province need to be submitted in writing and an application form and guidance notes can be downloaded by clicking here Apply for assistance by clicking on the ‘Apply for assistance’ button below.

    We are not able to help in all cases. You must qualify by being either a charity or seeking assistance for charitable purposes. We only help for a specific project. We do not top up bank balances and we would wish to see evidence that you have been raising funds for the project yourselves.

    Look below at the type of organisation we have been able to help. It would be unusual for us to meet the costs of the whole project although in some special cases we would be prepared to consider this.


    The North West Air Ambulance Service has played a vital role in saving many people’s lives. We have been proud to provide valuable and frequent assistance to them including a trailer used for promoting their charity and two vehicles and lifesaving equipment.


    Since 1850 Freemasons in our Province have been providing support to help children benefit from an education which they otherwise would have missed due to their family’s personal circumstances.
    Nowadays assistance covers a wide range of activities associated with a child’s education.


    Christ Church, Fulwood and St Thomas’s, Garstang received grants to assist in installing disabled facilities to their church halls. The charity has also funded the installation of a disabled lift in Liverpool Cathedral as well as supporting many other church projects.


    Every year we are able to help 100s of Freemasons and their families and dependants who find themselves in financial distress. The help can be in the form of cash to meet bills, payment towards essential replacements and repairs in the home, financial gifts at Christmas and donations to Masonic residential and nursing care homes.


    Brinscall village under six football team proudly wear their kit sponsored by the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity. We have also helped Youth Clubs with sound equipment, Lytham St Annes Sea Cadets with the purchase of a vehicle, the Friends of Mere Sands Wood with buggies for the convenience of disabled visitors and many others.

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    We were delighted to help the North Fylde Scouts to gear up with new minibus. 14th Widnes Farnworth Scouts, 17th Southport Guides, 26th Picton Scout Group, 1st Staining Scouts and 52nd Liverpool Brownies have also received donations for various projects.