Truth raising

Adam Ralph had an unexpected number of grand and Provincial grand officers present to witness his raising in the Lodge of Truth No 6235. This lodge is of course the mother lodge of the Provincial Junior Grand Warden, Jonathan Heaton and so it was a great honour for both the lodge and the Leigh Group when the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison accompanied by the Provincial Senior Grand Warden John Lee, Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies Keith Kemp and a number of other acting Provincial officers including two Deputy Grand Directors of Ceremonies and the Provincial Grand Secretary Peter Taylor “dropped in” so to speak.

Tony is welcomed to the Lodge of Truth by WM Jim Carey.

Group chairman Len Hart and vice chairman Joe Hine were on hand to ensure that Tony and the team were met with a warm greeting on behalf of the Leigh Group.

It’s certainly unusual to have such an impressive retinue in attendance for a ceremony of raising and Adam will most certainly have more than one reason to remember the ceremony.

The Provincial team had been due to visit earlier in the season but circumstances at the time had caused a rescheduling of Tony’s diary.

The WM Jim Carey opened the lodge in all three degrees prior to the formal admission of the PrGM, who despite being offered the gavel of the lodge by the worshipful master gave way and handed it back feeling sure it was in comfortable hands.

There was then a slight change around with Chris Howcroft director of ceremonies for the Lodge of Truth taking the chair for the ceremony of raising.

Tony greeted by Jim Carey and Leigh Group Chairman Len Hart.

The assembled brethren were then treated to an excellent ceremony led by Chris and ably assisted by lodge officers.

At the conclusion of the ceremony Jim and Chris resumed their respective chairs within the lodge.

Tony rose with other grand officers to bring greetings from United Grand Lodge during which he commented on what an excellent ceremony everybody present had been treated to. He went on to comment on how rare it is for those of them within the Provincial team to see important ceremonies such as that of raising given their very busy schedules and what a change it had been for them. He congratulated Chris on his performance.

Tony then went on to congratulate and thank Jonathan Heaton for all the hard work and commitment he had shown and undertaken since taking office and that he hoped he had a most enjoyable year thus far.

Following the lodge being closed the brethren retired to the social board where all enjoyed the fayre and company on offer.

Article written by Steve Gerrard.

Provincial team in attendance at Lodge of Truth 6235. PrGM Tony Harrison pictured with WM Jim Carey and Jonathan Heaton second from centre, right.