Training for new publicity team

Michelangelo once quoted when aged 87 years old: “I am still learning”, which was the case when the new publicity team for the Bootle Group met together for the first time after being appointed, for a training session in their new roles.

Russell Skidmore.

Russell Skidmore.

The training session aimed to ensure that the new publicity team will have all the skills required to develop into an efficient and effective team, which will be capable of delivering the high quality communications that will help develop a positive image of Freemasonry in today’s society.

The informative training session, given by Mark Holloway the Provincial Publicity Officer and Frank Parle the Provincial Website Editor enlightened the team to the required styles and what is required for their roles. The training involved a PowerPoint presentation, breaking down every aspect of the role from story writing to taking photographs, ensuring that the level of the team meets the standard which the province expects from its publicity teams.

The Bootle Group team consists of Russell Skidmore as Bootle Group Publicity Officer and three assistants namely Mike Williams, Bill Hunter and Simon Gray. This new publicity team is different than what has been before, with the structural change of the appointment of three assistants to the publicity officer.  All the members of the team have had various experiences in either photography or publicity which will assist in producing an effective team.

Russell is a member of Bootle Pilgrim Lodge No 1473 and is the current second principle of Bootle Chapter No 1473 has many years experience in photography and even studied and majored in the subject when he went to university. Over the years Russell has had some of his work involved in exhibitions around the country and has had a number of written articles published in various in-house publications. Wanting to get more involved within the group after going through the chair, the opportunity arose after the retirement of the previous publicity officer and Russell felt that it was a great opportunity to help the group with his experience and being able to involve his stills with his new Masonic role is very appealing.

Mike Williams is the secretary for Prince of Architect’s Lodge No 4188 and was interested in joining the team with his interest in photography and wanted to help the group to communicate the many stories that are constantly happening that could be so easily missed.

Bill Hunter is from Fermor Hesketh Lodge No 1350 and is currently third principle of Ormskirk Priory Chapter No 4007 which meets in Ormskirk. Bill is a former Royal Navy serviceman being involved in the Fleet Air Arm, before joining the prison service in 1971 and retiring in 2001. Bill spent 12 years living in Scotland where he was secretary to St Mary’s Caledonian Operative No 339 and Highland Sovereign Chapter No 44.

Simon Gray, who completes the team, is a member of St Luke’s Lodge No 6006 and is also member of Bootle Chapter. Simon has a keen interest and many years experience for this role, joining Crosby Photography Society in 1979 and has been a member for 26 years; Simon also for many years has helped the group as proof reader for the diary and the former group magazine The Bulletin. Simon is continuing this proof reading role with the current version of the Bulletin, now called The Spotlight.

Pictured from left to right, are: Mike Williams, Russell Skidmore, Bill Hunter and Simon Gray.

Pictured from left to right, are: Mike Williams, Russell Skidmore, Bill Hunter and Simon Gray.

The aim of the publicity team is to help promote and ensure that all newsworthy events and stories are covered and help give more exposure to the group and its members. The publicity team are looking forward to getting started and covering the newsworthy events that are coming up within the group.