Provincial Advice area

  • This area is primarily intended for use by Secretaries of Lodges and Scribes E of Chapters; however, inside there is advice on ceremonial issues as well as the general governance of the Lodge or Chapter.

    General guidance notes for Secretaries and Scribes E can be downloaded HERE

    This area of the website is divided into 4 sections as below:

    Please note that the Province cannot give advice about individual ritual traditions except when an intended procedure would contravene proper Masonic practice.

    Minutes – Minutes of recent Craft and Royal Arch Provincial meetings together with summonses
    to the meetings and other agenda items of importance.

    Procedural Information – This facility gives advice and guidance on a range of masonic subjects and issues. If you cannot find an answer to your query, please complete the online questionnaire which will automatically be e-mailed to the Provincial Office. We will endeavour to respond to you within 48 hours.

    Request a dispensation – If you want to request a dispensation for a change of meeting date or for some other necessary purpose, this facility will allow you to request a dispensation and will automatically forward the request to the Provincial Office. There is no longer any need to write to or email the Office. The dispensation, if granted, will be sent to you by post.

    Forms – This facility allows you to download or print a form (e.g. registration form or installation form) and it also gives you hints and tips to enable you to complete the document correctly prior to forwarding it to the Provincial Office.


  • In this area of the website