Temperance in harmony

Temperance Chapter No 2714, which was founded in 1908, has just completed another successful year and installed the officers for the year to come. These will be the men with the honour of taking it into its centenary year. In an absolutely delightful ceremony, well known West Lancashire Freemason Dave Sweeney as first principal of the chapter opened the proceedings in due form ably assisted by his fellow principals Karl Brennan and James Molloy. The first item of business was to ballot on the admission of John Jackson as an honorary member, which of course proved in the affirmative.

David Kemp (left) and Sam Robinson.

David Kemp (left) and Sam Robinson.

This occasion was enriched by the presence of Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals Sam Robinson as the guest of honour and representative of the Grand Superintendent Tony Harrison. Supporting Sam on this auspicious occasion was Liverpool Group Vice Chairman (RA) David Kemp.

As soon as the normal business was concluded, Sam Robinson and his companions made their entrance into the chapter. Dave Sweeney greeted Sam warmly, commenting that he was happy to receive him and hoped he would have a happy and enjoyable sojourn amongst the companions of Temperance Chapter.

The installation ceremony commenced and all three principals were exemplary whilst installing their successors; Dave Sweeney installed Karl Brennan into the first principal’s chair, Karl in turn installed James Molloy as the second principal. Sadly, the third principal elect, Brian Hayes, was unable to attend on this occasion due to a bad illness, but will hopefully be installed at the next convocation. The installation reading for the first principal was by David Kemp, while that to the second by Sam Robinson. The officers of the chapter were then appointed and invested, followed by the principals giving the robe addresses to each to their successors.

Sam, at the completion of the appointments was delighted to communicate the best wishes and congratulations of the Grand Superintendent Tony Harrison to all who had taken office, together with a sincere wish to all the companions that they enjoy their Royal Arch Masonry. Sam then moved to congratulate Dave Sweeney on his performance as the installing first principal, with further thanks afforded to the acting director of ceremonies John Jackson.

Pictured from left to right, are: James Molloy, Karl Brennan and Jeffrey Whitehead.

Pictured from left to right, are: James Molloy, Karl Brennan and Jeffrey Whitehead.

Karl Brennan responded as first principal and thanked Sam most effusively for his attendance at Temperance Chapter and wished him to pass on the greetings of the chapter to Tony Harrison. Karl also took this opportunity to present to Sam two donations on behalf of the chapter, the first in favour of the Liverpool Masonic Hall Building Fund for £100 and the same to the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity. Following the first rising, the grand and acting Provincial grand officers retired in processional form. The remaining business of the day was duly completed before the chapter was closed and the members and guests adjourned to the banqueting suite to partake in an excellent festive board.

At the festive board, Sam, in his response to the toast to the grand officers, once more expressed his admiration for the ‘sincere manner’ in which the ceremony had been conducted. He said it had been a thoroughly enjoyable occasion and expanded upon the wish of Tony Harrison to ‘enjoy freemasonry’ by musing upon how lucky we are in this country to be able to practice freely, whilst in other areas of the world Freemasons are severely restricted. He further commented on how wonderful the harmony was between the companions and how they all worked in support of each other.

Rising to propose the toast to the three principals, Dave Sweeney commented that he appreciated the commitment that was required to be a principal and wished the three new principals good health for the coming year. In response, Karl Brennan thanked him on behalf of himself and his co-principals and all who had contributed to the success of the day, with a special thank you to Sam and David Kemp for their most welcome support.

The toast to the guests was given by Jeff Hodge, in particular the companions of his mother chapter, St John of Jerusalem Chapter No 203, led by their first principal Steve Roberts. In response Steve said on how delighted the guests were in being able to attend, on how it had been an excellent ceremony to watch with new members taking office and hoped to come again in the future. This was the cue for Colin Steel to recite the poem by Peter Dale Wimbrow, ‘The man in the glass’, which was extremely well received before the evening was brought to a close with the janitor’s toast.