Stan celebrates his diamond jubilee

On 2 December 1957 at the tender age of 32, Stan Newton was initiated into Paton Lodge No 3738 in Southport. Stan, who will be 93 on the last day of 2017, was proposed as a candidate by his elder brother George who was IPM of Paton Lodge in 1957.

Stan (left) at home, receiving the 60 years in Masonry certificate from Southport Group Chairman Colin Jenkins.

During his time as a member of Paton Lodge, he held every post and was WM in 1968 and again in 2002. He celebrated 50 years in Masonry in Paton Lodge which was attended by John Moore APrGM.

He was a chartered accountant by trade and was a natural choice for treasurer, until Paton Lodge handed in its warrant in March 2010. Consequently, he then joined Starkie Lodge No 1070, where he had been a frequent guest of his good friend John Dalziel.

Stan holds the rank of PPrSGW, and is the highest ranking Provincial officer in the Southport Group. He also has the distinction of being a grand officer in chapter. He is currently an honorary member of both Starkie Lodge and Scarisbrick Chapter No 2295.

Stan has had, in his own words, a good and most enjoyable time in Masonry, having seen many changes over the years, there now being a much more relaxed atmosphere. The most noticeable being that grand lodge officers now converse with everyone and don’t pull rank at the bar!