Sovereign’s Peace installs Richard Wilson

The installation ceremony for the peripatetic Sovereign’s Peace Lodge No 8911 took place in the Tuscan Suite at Liverpool Masonic Hall. This was the lodge’s 160 regular meeting; the lodge having been consecrated in 1979 as a ‘daughter lodge’ of Liverpool Lodge No 1547. The well attended meeting was honoured by the presence of Roy Pyne as the representative of the Provincial Grand Master and he was accompanied by Liverpool Group Vice Chairman Dave Johnson, along with many other officers of grand and Provincial grand lodge.

David Johnson (left) with Roy Pyne.

The lodge was opened in due form by the master Arthur Monk, ably assisted by his wardens, Dave Richards and Colin Rowan, along with David Shaw as the inner guard. On completion of the standard lodge business, the representative Roy Pyne entered in colourful procession and was warmly greeted by the master before being escorted to his rightful position within the lodge to receive the salutations.

The ceremony of installation then commenced with Dave Richards presenting the master elect, Richard Wilson. Before vacating the chair, Arthur Monk expressed his heartfelt thanks to the lodge and rested secure in the knowledge that this support would continue for Richard. The brethren witnessed Richard placed into the chair of King Solomon with true sincerity and after assuming the master’s chair, his first duty was to present the collar and jewel of the immediate past master to Arthur.

Richard was presented with an explanation of the working tools of the third, second and first degrees in a most delightful manner; the third degree by Arthur Monk, second degree by David Richards and the first degree by David’s son, Martin Richards. Arthur, while presenting the lodge warrant, book of constitutions and by-laws also gave a lovely presentation with regard to the lodge banner. Following the appointment of the lodge officers, the address to the new master was delivered in a particularly pleasing manner by Arthur Monk, while Roy Pyne delivered the address to the brethren of the lodge with consummate skill and ability.

On completion of the installation ceremonial, Roy stood to bring the greetings of the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison, saying that it had been a ceremony that Tony would have thoroughly enjoyed. Following very effusive praise for all who had participated, he brought the traditional greetings and good wishes to the new master and the lodge members. In his response, Richard Wilson requested that greetings were also reciprocated to the Provincial Grand Master. He then had the delightful duty of presenting on behalf of the lodge a number of donations; £250 to the Masonic Charitable Foundation 2021 Festival, £150 to the Liverpool Masonic Hall and £100 to the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity.

With the conclusion of the meeting within the lodge room all retired to the festive board where, after toasting the health of the new master, Richard and the brethren sat down to enjoy a delightful menu. This consisted of the now famous ‘black pudding stack’ followed by traditional roast lamb main course, ending with a delightful ‘Pear Belle Helene’.

At the banquet, Roy was eager to take the opportunity to offer his personal greetings and congratulations to the brethren and new officers of the lodge and to wish Richard the very best of health to enjoy his year to the full. He also with sadness expressed his regret that we were losing members due to the depredations of increasing age amongst the membership, but on a more positive note, he was particularly pleased to hear of the increase in the number of young men joining Masonry. He also urged those brethren not already in the Royal Arch to consider joining.

Thanks, were also proffered to the grand and acting Provincial grand officers for supporting him on this visit to Sovereign’s Peace Lodge. In conclusion, Roy thanked the secretary of the lodge, Richard Humphries, for all his efforts leading up to the installation, saying: “It had made his job so much easier.” Later in the evening when responding to the toast to his health, proposed by the group chairman, Richard said he was delighted to be serving the lodge as the WM.

Pictured from left to right, are: David Johnson, Roy Pyne, Richard Wilson and IPM Arthur Monk.