Santa’s early visit to Garston

Once again thanks to the generosity and hard work of the Garston Masonic Hall directors and catering team, the children of the Garston Group have enjoyed an early visit from Santa.

Garston Masonic Hall Chairman Mal Yates with his wife Jacquy and grandchildren Max and Imogen.

On a snowy Sunday the children gathered in the main dining room and were entertained by local children’s entertainer ‘Dozy Dave’, before enjoying a hot buffet, guaranteed to provide additional energy for the various party games which followed.

The party has become a regular and popular event within the hall’s calendar and is mainly financed by them, with the full support of the in-house catering team who were appropriately dressed for the occasion.

With the children’s food and entertainment already funded, the adults were able to purchase a hot meal at a reduced price with thanks going to the hall caterer, Tony Ackroyd.

With children ranging in ages up to a maximum of 10 years, the volume levels were well in excess of the aircraft at the local John Lennon Airport, especially when Santa arrived into the room to present the children with their early Christmas present.

The event was a true family day with mums, dads and many nannas and grandads joining in the fun.

The thanks of everyone goes to those who dedicate so much of their time and effort on behalf of all those at the Garston Group, without forgetting of course, the most important person of all, Santa himself.

The children receive their early presents from Santa.