Provincial Publicity Officers

  • George Fox
    Provincial Communications and Publicity Officer

  • Stephen Lyon
    Joint Provincial Publicity Officer

George Fox and Stephen Lyon were appointed Joint Provincial Publicity Officers, at the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting in May 2016.

They report to Kevin Poynton the Assistant Provincial Grand Master responsible for Publicity.

George and Stephen, who is also the Provincial Webmaster, are assisted by the Website Editor Frank Parle, along with four regional publicity officers; Paul Thompson (Region 1), Tom Fredrickson (Region 2), (Region 3 TBA) and  (Region 4 TBA) who each have a number of group publicity officers reporting to them.

Each member of the team is responsible for providing stories and photographs for the Provincial and group websites as well as working with local media to promote an accurate image of Freemasonry and the involvement of its members in the communities they serve.

If you have any news of interest for use on the Provincial website, please contact George and Stephen by email: or any member of the team.

Group publicity officers’ can be contacted via the Key Provincial Contacts area