• The Province of West Lancashire provides a dedicated Care structure in support of brethren, widows and dependants, who may, during times of Illness, personal distress or financial hardship require Masonic assistance.

    The Care team is led by Eric Hart is our Provincial Grand Almoner, he reports to Frank Umbers the Assistant Provincial Grand Master who has the principal responsibility for the Care team within the Province.

    Eric’s key responsibility through the Care structure,is to provide and maintain a centre of excellence in the Care team.

    To achieve this aim, he liaises directly with the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity and the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

    Eric is supported by his deputy and the extended Care team of 14 pastoral care officers, 22 admin care officers and more than 400 Craft and Royal Arch almoners. Who collectively, provide a high level of support to cater for those in need of Masonic assistance.

  • Eric Hart
    Provincial Grand Almoner

  • Paul Broadley

  • Paul Broadley is the Deputy to the Provincial Grand Almoner.

    Paul is responsible for the day to day working of the Care team and is also responsible for liaising with lodge and chapter almoners to promote a better understanding of Care in the Province.

    In addition to Paul, Eric is supported by, Elaine Hansen from the MCF advice and support team, Jon Measures the minute and supplies secretary and Eric Binks who is the admin support officer.

    • Elaine-Hansen
      Elaine Hansen
      Advice and Support team

    • Jon Measures
      Minute and supplies secretary

    • Eric Binks
      Admin Support Officer to PrGA

  • Admin Care Officers

    The team of admin care officers (ACO’s) have been trained to act as specialist administrators. They are responsible for all applications, allowing lodge and chapter almoners to concentrate on pastoral care for their widows, brethren and companions.

    The administration of applications to the Masonic Charitable Foundation, and the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity, is carried out by the ACOs who cover specified post code areas in the Province (This has been determined geographically and not by groups, lodges or chapters).

    The role of the ACO is to ensure the swift and accurate completion and submission of all grant applications and re-applications within his specified post code area.

    There are a number of ACOs available upon request to give presentations to lodges, chapters and fellowship meetings to continue the important work of spreading the Care message.

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    Post code areas covered by the admin care officers.

    Barrow in Furness LA 9-18
    Lancaster LA 1-7
    Preston PR 1-5
    Chorley/Leyland PR 6,7, 25,26 BB3
    North Fylde/Blackpool FY 2, 5-7
    South Fylde/Blackpool FY 1, 3, 4, 8
    Southport/Ormskirk PR 8, 9 L 39, 40
    Wigan/Leigh WN 1-8
    Warrington /St Helens and Prescot WA 1-6, 9-12
    Bootle/Liverpool North L3-5, 9-11, 20-22, 30 CH 44, 45
    Liverpool South/Widnes L1, 6-8,12-19, 24-28, 35, 36 WA 7-9
    Eccles M28-31, 33, 38, 41-46 BL 1-6
    Wirral CH41-48, 60-64
    Liverpool Central L1-8
    Note: Any post code areas not listed above are covered by the PGA or his deputy

  • Robert Bennett
    Robert Bennett
    Responsible for North Fylde and Blackpool

  • Tony Hale
    Responsible for South Fylde and Blackpool

  • Ken Robinson
    Ken Robinson
    Responsible for Barrow in Furness

  • David Morgan
    Responsible for Lancaster

  • Arthur CartainArthur Cartain
    Responsible for North Fylde and Blackpool

  • Mike Dickenson
    Responsible for South Fylde and Blackpool

  • Robert-Stafford
    Robert Stafford
    Responsible for Preston

  • Robert-Teesdale
    Alan Haworth
    Responsible for Preston

  • robert-gibson-thumbnailRobert Gibson
    Responsible for Liverpool Central,
    St Helens and Prescot

  • Karl BrennanKarl Brennan
    Responsible for Liverpool

  • Alan Riley
    Responsible for Liverpool South

  • Eddie Thompson
    Responsible for Bootle and Liverpool North

  • Neal Atkinson
    Responsible for Chorley and Leyland

  • Antony Price
    Responsible for Chorley and Leyland

  • David Berrington
    Responsible for Warrington and Widnes

  • John Lomax
    John Lomax
    Responsible for Wigan and Leigh

  • George SeddonGeorge Seddon
    Responsible for Wigan and Leigh

  • Stephen Roberts
    Responsible for Wirral

  • Tom Bradfield-KayTom Bradfield-Kay
    Responsible for Southport and Ormskirk

  • Alan-Howarth
    Robert Teesdale
    Responsible for Southport and Ormskirk

  • Vacant
    Responsible for Eccles and S Eastern

  • Shaun Brookhouse
    Responsible for Eccles and S Eastern

Pastoral Care Officers

The role of the pastoral care officer (PCO) is to work with lodge and chapter almoners in order to focus their support on their brethren, companions, widows and dependants and to improve their knowledge of the care system.  The PCO is also responsible for briefing the group officers in his area about any new initiatives or processes introduced in the Province by the care team for the  Masonic Charitable Foundation.

  • Brian CowardBrian Coward
    Responsible for the Furness and South Lakeland Group

  • John HolmesJohn Holmes
    Responsible for the Lancaster Group

  • Peter-MannPeter Mann
    Responsible for the Blackpool and North Fylde (Cleveleys) Groups

  • Graham-SmithGraham Smith
    Responsible for the South Fylde and North Fylde (Fleetwood) Groups

  • David AsbridgeDavid Asbridge
    Responsible for the Preston Group

  • Neil Atkinson
    Responsible for the Chorley and Leyland Groups

  • Norman Hilton
    Responsible for the Wigan and Leigh Groups

  • John Thompson
    Responsible for the Ormskirk and Bootle Group

  • Christopher Sandham
    Responsible for the Gladstone and Garston Groups

  • Clifford-Hughes V2Cliff Hughes
    Responsible for the Liverpool and Woolton Groups

  • Tom Bradfield-KayTom Bradfield-Kay
    Responsible for Southport

  • colin-latimer-thumbnailColin Latimer
    Responsible for the Eccles and South Eastern Groups

  • Vacant
    Responsible for the Warrington, St Helens and Prescot and Widnes Groups

  • Ken Oxley
    Responsible for the Fylde coast

  • Ken supports widows and brethren in the Fylde Coast area, who originate from other Provinces.