Poulton le Sands attracts all ages to its ‘tea party’

Does your usual expectation of a Masonic afternoon tea event conjure up images of ladies and gentlemen who are of a ‘certain age’ dozing in wicker chairs and sipping on a nice spot of Darjeeling whilst the cucumber sandwiches are passed around? Think again!

On a breezy but pleasant Sunday afternoon Keith Lamb, WM of Poulton le Sands Lodge No 1051, together with his wife, Joy, hosted an ‘afternoon tea party’ for Masons, family, friends, children, babies in fact, anyone and everyone at Lancaster Golf Club, Ashton Hall.

The event was very well attended with over 75 people coming along. It was also a nice family occasion where friends, their families and children in addition to prospective joining Masons were able to experience the social side of modern Freemasonry. There were many members from numerous local lodges at the party and Chris Butterfield, Lancaster group secretary, was able to find time in his busy schedule to come along, together with his wife Marie and enjoy the afternoon.

After a nice and convivial reception where everyone had chance to catch up with each other and meet some new friends, the party was invited into the Ashton Suite where they were offered a wide selection of sandwiches, scones and cakes, which left everyone feeling thoroughly satisfied. A little later the sun came out and blazed though the window making it a lovely day to enjoy a ‘cuppa’ from the seemingly inexhaustible pot.

In keeping with the best of Masonic traditions, a raffle was held that raised £275 for charity.

So, the next time someone asks ‘Anyone for tea?’ gather up your family, friends, children and grandchildren and ‘stir’ yourself to have some fun and help good causes.

These folks did!

Keith and Joy Lamb (centre) surrounded by friends and family at the ‘tea party’.

Keith and Joy Lamb (centre) surrounded by friends and family at the ‘tea party’.