Masonic poet’s corner

  • Many things have been written about Freemasonry in countless books and in papers to be delivered to Masonic research associations, but how many of us know that there is wealth of beautiful material about Freemasonry written in the form of poems?

    Some of the world’s greatest men of letters who were Freemasons themselves, have written some wonderful poems. Let’s take Rudyard Kipling and Robbie Burns as just two examples, yet equally some less well known Masons have embodied the teachings and philosophy of Freemasonry in their poems and we will take a look at these too.

    There will be one or two poems appearing in this feature every month chosen by our ‘Masonic Poet Laureate’, Fred Lomax  and we hope you enjoy reading them.

    This month we have a  poem by an anonymous contributor.

  • Your Lodge will Live Forever

    By Anonymous

    With the closing of the Volume and the opening of a door
    Think not this Lodge has ended, think what has gone before
    Remember all those worthy men who as apprentices came
    And who developed love and skill and worked in Friendship’s name

    When you take up the Working Tools to gently put aside
    Think not their work has ended, think how they were applied
    Remember well the lessons taught, to Craftsmen tried and true
    Of Masons worthy of the name and apron white and blue

    When your Tracing Boards are covered and the Columns laid to rest
    Think not their teaching ended, think more a message blessed
    Remember the special meaning to Master Masons all
    Of birth and life and learning and waiting for the call

    With the sounding of the gavel and as the lights at last go out
    Think not your Lodge has ended, dispel all lingering doubt
    Masters, Wardens, Brethren, remember as you depart
    Your Lodge will live forever in every Mason’s heart