Masonic poet’s corner

  • Many things have been written about Freemasonry in countless books and in papers to be delivered to Masonic research associations, but how many of us know that there is wealth of beautiful material about Freemasonry written in the form of poems.

    Some of the world’s greatest men of letters who were Freemasons themselves, have written some wonderful poems. Let’s take Rudyard Kipling and Robbie Burns as just two examples, yet equally some less well known Masons have embodied the teachings and philosophy of Freemasonry in their poems and we will take a look at these too.

    There will be one or two poems appearing in this feature every month chosen by our ‘Masonic Poet Laureate’, Fred Lomax  and we hope you enjoy reading them.

    This month we have a poem by Bro Rob Morris.

  • A Lodge welcome to the Ladies

    By Bro Rob Morris

    It is in our hearts, dear sisters,
    While the Masons chain is bright,
    To give our warmest welcome
    To the best beloved, tonight;
    To the wife, so fondly cherished,
    To the daughter, sister, true,
    To the faithful tender hearted –
    Shall I say the word? – to you.

    We acknowledge countless blessings
    From the Bounteous Hand above;
    Our bond was first cemented
    By Divine assent and love;
    We are grateful, truly grateful,
    For all the gifts, He doth bestow
    But our warmest thanks are given –
    Shall I say the word? – for you.

    The woes of life are many,
    Thronging dark on every side,
    In tears and sighs, and broken hearts,
    And sorrows far and wide;
    The Mason’s hand is generous,
    But most freely we bestow,
    When the appeal is made us –
    Shall I say the word? – by you.

    Our Brotherhood is countless,
    From the east unto the west;
    In every land and clime, and tongue
    They range amongst the best;
    And every man a hundred miles
    On frosty sod will go
    To give you help, or win a smile –
    Shall I say the word? – from you.