Pastoral Care Officers

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  • The management of the care structure within the Province of West Lancashire is administered by three separate groups of equal standing working together, the structure consisting of:

    • 17 Admin Care Officers (ACOs)
    • Eight Admin and PR Care Officers (APRCOs)
    • 14 Pastoral Care Officers (PCOs)

    The above will be responsible to the Provincial Grand Almoner and his deputy.

    Central to the provision of Masonic pastoral care is the lodge almoner. Originally appointed to look out for Freemasons who fell ill, and to act as a source of support and contact for the widows of deceased members over the festive season.

    Because the almoners role has grown substantially, the new care structure has been introduced in order to reduce the work load, enabling almoners to concentrate on home visits where they should aim to visit all brethren and Masonic widows at least four to six times a year.

    The role of the Pastoral Care Officer is to work with lodge and chapter almoners in order to focus their support on their clients and to improve their knowledge of the care system.  The PCO is also responsible for briefing the group officers in his area about any new initiatives or processes introduced in the Province by the care team of the central Masonic charities.

    It is important that the three members of the team (PCO, ACO and the APRCO) all work closely together as a unit,and in conjunction with almoners and general members of the craft.

  • Brian Coward
    Brian Coward
    Responsible for the Furness and South Lakeland Group

  • John Holmes
    John Holmes
    Responsible for the Lancaster Group

  • Peter-Mann
    Peter Mann
    Responsible for the Blackpool and North Fylde (Cleveleys) Groups

  • Graham-Smith
    Graham Smith
    Responsible for the South Fylde and North Fylde (Fleetwood) Groups

  • David Asbridge
    David Asbridge
    Responsible for the Preston Group

  • Malcolm Schofield
    Malcolm Schofield
    Responsible for the Chorley and Leyland Groups

  • Norman Hilton
    Norman Hilton
    Responsible for the Wigan and Leigh Groups

  • Derek Midgley
    Derek Midgley
    Responsible for the Ormskirk and Bootle Group

  • Derek Elston
    Derek Elston
    Responsible for the Gladstone and Garston Groups

  • Clifford-Hughes V2
    Cliff Hughes
    Responsible for the Liverpool and Woolton Groups

  • Tom Bradfield-Kay
    Tom Bradfield-Kay
    Responsible for Southport

  • colin-latimer-thumbnail
    Colin Latimer
    Responsible for the Eccles and South Eastern Groups

  • Michael Hamilton
    Michael Hamilton
    Responsible for the Warrington, St Helens and Prescot and Widnes Groups

  • Ken Oxley
    Ken Oxley
    Responsible for the Fylde coast

  • The Fylde coast PCO supports widows and brethren in the Fylde area, who originate from other Provinces.