Group Charity Stewards

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  • The group charity steward is responsible to the regional charity steward for his particular group. The GCS is a Provincial appointment, however, a key requirement is an ability to work closely with his fellow group officers.

    The group charity steward should provide for the lodges and chapters within the group and for the group itself, information, encouragement and advice on fundraising.

    He should be knowledgeable on the most effective and productive means of doing so and keep an advisory eye on the balance between Masonic and non-Masonic giving.

    He should liaise with the group chairman and the local group publicity officer with regard to fundraising and its results and how such giving can be presented to the advantage of all concerned.

    The group charity steward is an ex officio member of his group and is expected to provide a report to and attend each of the group executive meetings.

    He will also be expected to be a stimulating co-ordinator of any Provincial charity projects.

Group Charity Stewards

  • Ian-Stirling

    Ian Stirling
    Blackpool Group.

  • Gary-Smith

    Gary Smith
    Chorley Group.


  • Bill Walker
    Eccles Group.

  • Richard-Wilcock

    Richard Wilcock
    Furness and S Lakeland Group.

  • Keith Williams
    Garston Group.

  • Patrick-Kent

    Patrick Kent
    Gladstone Group.

  • simon-hansonSimon Hanson
    Lancaster Group.

  • Steve-Ralph

    Steve Ralph
    Leigh Group.

  • Jeff-Lucas

    Jeff Lucas
    Leyland Group.

  • Barry-Fletcher

    Barry Fletcher
    Liverpool 1

  • Geoff-Brown

    Geoff Brown
    Liverpool 2

  • Jim-Gregson-N-Fylde-Charity-Steward

    James Gregson
    North Fylde Group.

  • david-sullivan-orm-and-boot-gcsDavid Sullivan
    Ormskirk and Bootle Group.

  • Vic-Parker-2Vic Parker
    Preston Group.

  • Steve-Gregory

    Darren Gregory
    South Eastern Group

  • David-McKee-GS-S-Fylde-2

    David McKee
    South Fylde Group.

  • Martin-Lockyer

    Martin Lockyer
    Southport Group.

  • Les-Newman
    Les Newman
    St Helens and Prescot Group.

  • Chris-Todd-Warrington-GCS
    Chris Todd
    Warrington Group.

  • Ian-Lynch

    Ian Lynch
    Widnes Group.

  • Chris-Reeman Wigan Charity StewardChris Reeman
    Wigan Group.

  • Gary Devlin
    Woolton Group.