Friends of Tithebarn

Friends of Tithebarn

Committee Meeting Minutes – Sunday 4 December 2016


The meeting opened at 10.30am and the Chairman W.Bro Ian Elsby. P.Pr.J.G.W  welcomed W Bro Laurie Scott,P.A.G.D.C.  the President and Linda Johnson the Home Manager.

Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting were confirmed.

Matters Arising:

There were no matters arising.

Members’ Present and Apologies

W Bro L Scott – (President) P.A.G.D.C Present
W Bro I Elsby – (Chairman) P.Pr.J.G.W. Present
W Bro J.Stallard – (Deputy Chairman) P.Pr.J.G.W. Present
W Bro E Casey (Secretary) P. Pr. G. Supt.Wks . Present
W Bro L Norton – P .Pr.G.Supt.Wks– St Helens and Prescot  Rep Apology
Linda Johnson- Home Manager Present
W Bro D Welch – P Pr.S.G.W. (Honorary Member of the Committee) Apology
W Bro P Pattullo –P. Pr.S.G.D. Liverpool Rep Present
W Bro G Chambers – P.Pr.J.G.W .Bootle Rep Present
W Bro. E Clarke – P.Pr.S.G.W – Ormskirk Rep  (Tithebarn Almoner) Apology
W.Bro. A.Collier  (Lodge Rep Prescot &Trinity)(Tuscan Mark Lodge Rep) Present
W Bro L Allen –. – Garston Rep Apology
W Bro J.Williams– Gladstone Rep Apology
Bro. C Taylor-M.M. -Southport Rep Apology
Bro.A.Kirby- Woolton Rep Present
W Bro F.Hulse  P.Pr.J.G.W.(Projects Manager) Present
W Bro H Fennings – P.Pr.G.Supt.Wks Present
W.Bro.Ian Newby.R.M.B.I. Trustee. Apology
W.Bro.V.Albin-Past Vice Chairman Woolton Group. Present
W.Bro G.Lloyd   Tithebarn Almoner  Cheshire and Mrs Lynn Lloyd Present
W.Bro.G.Gill-P.Pr.J.G.D.  Liaison Officer Cheshire Present
W Bro K O’Hare – P.Pr.D.G.Supt. Wks Apology
W.Bro A. Trees-P.Pr.J.G.W. Apology
W Bro D Beaver –   P.Pr.G.Supt.Wks Apology
W.Bro.R.Cliffe. P.Pr.J.G.W. Apology
Mrs V Stallard – Ladies Committee Apology
Mrs V.Casey Present
Mrs Lynn Lloyd Present



Received the RMBI news issue 15 Autumn 2016 for distribution.

Received a communication from Santander Discovery Day Team Opportunities, inviting the Committee to registrar for a team of volunteers to carry out certain tasks specified by the Home and approved by Santander, the matter is in hand.

The Minutes of the Forum, held on Wednesday 19 October 2016 at the Army and Navy Club, Pall Mall, has been received.


Chairman’s report.

May I apologise that this month’s report is so brief but unfortunately since our last meeting my Brother has been seriously ill in Hospital and his welfare has been my overriding priority and much of my Freemasonry has had to be put on hold.

For this reason, I have made no progress regarding the pond refurbishment. It was agreed at the November committee meeting that I should obtain a further two quotes but this has not been possible. As I see no prospect of my circumstances changing in the very near future, I think we therefore have two alternatives, either to accept the original quote from Catupla Landscaping or for somebody to volunteer to take over the project. (Fred Hulse suggested that the garden refurbishment sub-committee take on the task and his kind offer was accepted with thanks).

Furthermore, may I apologise to the members of the newsletter sub-committee, Ken O’Hare, Russell Skidmore and Alan Hoare. I was hoping to be able to call a meeting of that committee to discuss progress of the newsletter, with a view to publishing and distributing it early in the New Year. but this also has not been possible. Hopefully it may be viable to produce it in the early spring and before the end of the current Masonic season.

I have received an email from the Provincial Grand Master, Tony Harrison, wishing the Committee every success with the Tithebarn’s future development and offering his sincere thanks to the members of the committee and the Tithebarn staff for the continued dedication to their work. Whilst you as a Committee give your time generously without any expectation of reward and do not ask for or except accolades it is very pleasing when you do receive thanks for your commitment to our Masonic dependants.

This is the meeting when the Committee decides those who they are going to nominate for election for the various offices at the A.G.M. in February. I would like to emphasise at this point that does not preclude any other eligible person (i.e. subscribing Freemason) in attendance at the A.G.M. nominating a candidate. Regrettably I will not be putting my name forward for re-election as I wish to relinquish my position as Chairman. I have not taken this decision lightly and without a lot of thought and my reasons are:

Firstly, some three years ago, when Laurie Scott proposed that I become Chairman it was my intention at the time to reduce the amount of time I spent working in my business. Unfortunately, this did not go to plan, the retail environment has become more challenging and the economic climate more uncertain which means that I am working more days rather than less and for the foreseeable future I cannot see that changing. Therefore, the amount of time I am able to devote to outside activities is becoming more limited and I am finding that I have to rely more and more on other Committee members to stand in for me at various meetings and functions.

Secondly, I envisage and expect that there will be major and significant changes at the Tithebarn, after the forthcoming strategic review, and hopefully this committee will have some input regarding those changes. As it was always my intention to give up the Chairmanship after 5 years I think it would be more beneficial and fairer to the new Chairman that he is involved from the outset of those changes rather than once the process has begun.

It is my intention to propose that John Stallard be nominated by this Committee for the position of Chairman. John has served on this Committee with distinction for many years subsequently became Treasurer and more recently Deputy Chairman. He has a great knowledge of the Tithebarn, his mother-in-law being a resident for many years and is also very familiar with the RMBI personnel having attended many of the committee meetings and forums in London. I have no doubt if his nomination is approved and he is subsequently voted into office he will make an excellent Chairman.

I would like to thank the committee for their incredible support during the last 3 years, I consider myself fortunate to have worked with a such a committed and hard working body of people and I know you will be equally supportive to my successor.

Finally, as this is the last meeting of 2016 may I wish you all and your families a very happy Christmas and every good wish for your health and happiness in 2017.

Treasurer’s Report.

                                                Treasurer’s Report December 2016.


Good morning everyone, may I start by apologising for my absence as I will be in Lincoln this weekend. Income for the month is as follows


Old Masonians West Lancashire Lodge 7702………………………..£ 200.00

Lodge of Israel 1502…………………………………………………………..£ 250.00

Royal George Chapter 4119…………………………………………………£ 100.00

Redmayne Bentley (investment income)……………………………….£ 633.27

Antient Manor Chapter 4511………………………………………………..£ 100.00

Total………………………………………………………………………………..  £ 1283.27



Matron’s Fund (including residents Xmas gifts of £1000.00)…...£1584.89

The current account balance stands at £13538.07

The only other item I have to report is that that the Nat West Branch in Prescot which I use is closing next June, as our account is held at Ormskirk there will be no change to banking  arrangements, with the exception I will have to use St.Helens in future as my nearest branch.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all, my best wishes for the coming season and thank everyone for there help and guidance throughout 2016.

That is all I have to report for this meeting. Thank you.


Home   Manager’s Report:

The Home had full residency until last week, when one of the residents passed away. Xmas plans are going well all residents will be given a book containing all the information on events plus the menus over the festive period. Kevin Harris RMBI has been in touch and informed me the RMBI are looking at three different options for the site put forward by the planners, however there are restrictive covenants before we can proceed further, the matter is now in the hands of the barristers.

Almoner’s Report:

All residents are enjoying the planned events and all is well in the Home. The  staff are to be congratulated  on the excellent service they provide for the residents. Many thanks to W.Bro Graham Chambers for meeting me at Lathom Chapel were the carol service will be held. My son Andrew will be at the chapel to assist Graham if required.  All the very best to all, for the festive season.

Nominations for the AGM were discussed as follows.

Position                                                          Proposed                               Seconded

W.Bro Laurie Scott will continue as President which is an honorary office. W. Bro Ian Elsby will take the position of Vice President which is also honorary.

Chairman. W.Bro.John Stallard,                W.Bro. Ian Elsby                    W.Bro Fred Hulse

Treasurer W.Bro.Leslie Norton.                 W.Bro John Stallard               W.Bro .Geoff Gill

Secretary W.Bro.Edward Casey.                W.Bro Geoff Gill                   W.Bro. John Stallard

The Committee will be voted for en-block, the proposer and seconder will be organised at the AGM.

Any other Business.

W.Bro.Phil  Pattullo  informed the Committee that the date of the golf day is Friday 19th of May 2017,to held at the  Woolton Golf Club. Meal and Golf £48, just Dinner £20, just golf £28, more information to follow.

The Meat Feast this year will be held on Sunday 2nd July 2017 at the Tithebarn Masonic Home, More Lane, details to follow.

The Tithebarn   Dementia   Care Wing has once again attained the Kitemark, this achievement was published in a local news paper, as recorded below.

Care Home Award

A Crosby care home has been rewarded for it’s dementia Care services by a national body. The Tithebarn on Moor Lane, was visited by Dementia Care Matters and they were so impressed that they gave the staff the Butterfly Service status. This is a nationally recognised   Kitemark   award that identifies care homes committed to achieving excellent dementia care and providing residents with a high quality of life. The Tithebarn has a dedicated staff that is passionate about supporting our residents in having a high quality of life. Ted Corrie whose wife Dorothy came to the reside at the Maud Sullivan wing in 2012 said, Dorothy moved into the Maud Sullivan wing at the Tithebarn where she received love,  care and full attention form a dedicated staff, since day one. The Staff has been well trained to make each person comfortable, no matter what their needs are.


The next meeting which is the AGM, will take place on Sunday 5 February 2017, commencing   at 10-30am

The meeting closed at 11-50 am.

  Signed:…………………………………………………………   Signed:…………………………………………………………

W Bro I Elsby – Chairman – P,Pr.J.G.W.               W Bro E Casey – Secretary P. Pr.G.Supt.Wks