• Phil Preston

    Provincial Grand Charity Steward

  • The backbone of Masonic and non-Masonic fundraising in the Province of West Lancashire is through the generosity of private lodges and chapters, regularly exercising their duty of giving. By this means, Freemasons in the Province help a substantial number of people and organisations who are in need of assistance and support.

    The charity team structure provides an active support system, for lodge and chapter charity stewards and individual groups. It is able to advise on charitable matters in a wider context, whether the Masonic Charitable Foundation, the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity or the many non-Masonic charities which receive support from this Province.

    The structure is set up as follows:

    • Provincial Grand Charity Steward
    • Eight regional charity stewards
    • 22 group charity stewards
    • More than 450 lodge and chapter charity stewards

    The Provincial Grand Charity Steward, regional charity stewards and group charity stewards are all appointed by the Provincial Grand Master.

    The structure  provides an energetic stimulus to the raising of funds for charitable causes and where appropriate, provide a more strategic view for this generosity. This has been the case, in helping to structure coordinated giving to a range of non Masonic charities, through locally held group giving days.

    The structure will also have a prime role in supporting large projects, such as a Festival on behalf of one of the four national charities.