Now you see it, now you don’t

The ‘magic of Freemasonry’ takes on a totally different meaning when one considers the huge number of professional and amateur magicians who are or have been members of the craft. It is only natural that these skilled performers should congregate together to share their interests in both Freemasonry and magic.

Some of the members of the Invisible lodge make a brief appearance.

Some of the members of the Invisible lodge make a brief appearance.

The international ‘Invisible Lodge’ is an organisation of Freemasons who share an interest in magic. It was established in 1953 by Sir Felix Korim and there are now well over 800 bona fide members. Joined by the common bond of magic, the members are professional entertainers, hobbyists, collectors, or students of both magic and Freemasonry.

Visiting Blackpool to perform at or attend the Blackpool International Magic Convention, the largest of its kind in the World, a number of the members of the Invisible lodge met at the Masonic Hall, Adelaide Street for a lodge meeting. Recognised by UGLE, the lodge has an American constitutional registration number and, much like a traveling lodge, can meet on cruise ships and anywhere globally. A large percentage of the members descend on Blackpool each year for the convention.

At this year’s meeting, Charlie Cairoli Jnr, son of the legendary circus clown, and his brother-in-law Richard Olley, gave an excellent historical magical lecture regarding their family’s history. It was a very relaxed and light hearted affair, wearing casual attire and introducing plenty of humour. An indication of just how relaxed the meeting was is that they invited Ian Smith of Emblem Lodge No 6727 to act as senior warden. Perhaps their initial intention was to make him disappear or saw him in half!