No sand and cement here!

Members and visitors gathered at Tranquillity Lodge No 3877 for a regular meeting, however on entering the lodge room it was immediately apparent that this was not to be a regular meeting. For in the middle of the floor there was something quite large, covered in a white sheet.

Pictured from left to right, are: Jimmy Rogers, Stan Povall and Jeff Smith.

Pictured from left to right, are: Jimmy Rogers, Stan Povall and Jeff Smith.

The WM Stan Povall, accompanied by his wardens and group chairman Andy Whittle took their places and after the Stan had opened the lodge and conducted the usual business he asked two visiting brethren from Fleetwood, Jimmy Rogers a member of Fleetwood Lodge No 3711 and Jeff Smith a member of Pharos Lodge No 7421, to take the floor.

Jimmy introduced himself and Jeff to the lodge and then began to unwrap the model. The brethren were to be treated to what turned out to be a remarkable, entertaining and enlightening evening. Jeff and Jimmy gave a presentation of the building of King Solomon’s Temple and as the evening progressed the 1/30 scale model took shape.

It was no ordinary run-of-the-mill lecture as the rapt audience soon discovered, but a demonstration featuring a large visual aid and explained in detail at every stage by the presenters who showed that they really knew their stuff. When the time came for the demonstration to begin, King Solomon’s Temple presenters Jeff and Jimmy gradually let their audience into the secret. Beneath the cloth lay the starting point of a fascinating, informative and intriguing revelation of facts and figures regarding the building of King Solomon’s Temple.

Jeff and Jimmy related the origins of their information, namely the biblical Book of Chronicles and the Book of Kings. Tranquility Lodge members and visitors heard that this was the first temple ever built for God to reside in; that all the precious objects in it were made of gold or bronze. The presenters told much more; that everything was to absolute perfection. Jimmy explained that this was an architect’s 1/30 scale model and the true building was the most famous building ever due to its size and cost.

Giving full explanations, Jeff and Jimmy continued their demonstration. Piece by piece they added miniature artefacts, more walls and a tower which all contributed to giving the model a sense of scale and magnificence. Everything really came to life when Jimmy finally illuminated the true-to-scale model of the completed King Solomon’s Temple. Brethren were then invited to walk round the model to view all of its detail and intricacies at close hand.

Jimmy advised that although there are no archaeological remains of the temple; ‘absence of evidence is not evidence of absence’. He continued by saying that the original idea for the demonstration came from Sidney David Bates and since its inception in 1983 the presentation has been performed 539 times. Including this demonstration, Jimmy has been in action 141 times and Jeff had delivered the demonstration on 127 occasions, playing his part in the building of the temple.

At the end of the demonstration Stan Povall invited questions, but the brethren were awestruck! Stan then presented a charity cheque for £300 to Jeff and thanked him and Jimmy for the team for a wonderful demonstration, to the rapturous applause from the brethren.

The 45 members and visitors then retired to the festive board for a wonderful meal.

The completed temple.

The completed temple.