Mike Adams receives a grand rank promotion

South Eastern Group Chairman Mike Adams is to receive a promotion in grand rank to that of Past Junior Grand Deacon at the April meeting of United Grand Lodge in London.

Mike was initiated into Doric Lodge No 2359 in 1978; he served as worshipful master in 1989/1990 which was Doric Lodges’ centenary year. His lodge then amalgamated and he became a joining member of Prince Leopold, Doric and Parkfield Lodge No 1588. Mike is also a member of Atheneum Lodge of Installed Masters No 9368 and Quingenti Lodge No 8516.

Mike Adams.

Mike Adams.

In 1995 Mike received his first appointment into Provincial Grand Lodge as an acting Provincial Grand Steward. In 1998 he was promoted to Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden. A first appointment to Grand Lodge as Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies followed in 2003.

A well respected and worthy colleague, Mike has an excellent service record within the South Eastern Group. In 1994 he was appointed as the group minute secretary and then appointed as group secretary in 1996, followed by group vice chairman in 2003 and promoted to group chairman in 2009, which he currently holds.

Mike was exalted into Industry Chapter No 361 in 1980. He was a joining member into Chorlton Chapter No 1387 in 1995 and was installed as first principal in 1999. He is also a joining member of Royal Protector Chapter No 3471.

In 2001 Mike was appointed PPrGSoj and in 2005 was promoted to PPrGSN. Then in 2012 received his first Royal Arch grand rank of PGStdB. Mike is also a member of another Masonic order.

There are three very important F’s in Mike’s life structure. Family, to which he has been happily married to Linda for 40 years and they have two daughters, Freemasonry, a busy career as described and Fly-fishing to which he implies, with many flies, many a catch.

In 1969 Mike established his nationwide commercial floor covering contracting business of which he is managing director, Mike is also chairman of a property management company.

Mike, along with a number of business associates, being supporters of the Christie Hospital, have been instrumental in assisting in raising funds in order to import a very specialised medical device from the USA known as the ‘Da Vinci Robot’. The device operates an advanced robotic surgical procedure and in particular, specialising in high definition laparoscopic techniques on men requiring surgery for prostate cancer and by virtue of their conjoined efforts, the device is now installed and operational at the Christie Hospital in Manchester.