Lodges of special interest

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  • On this page you will find details of lodges that were founded by members who have a shared interest or profession. Please feel free to contact any of the lodges listed below if you share their interest and are interested in either visiting or joining the lodge.

    If you are a member of a lodge that would like to have their details on the page please contact the Provincial Publicity Officer with details: provpubof@westlancfreemasons.org.uk

    University Lodge of Liverpool No 4274

    Univ-Blu 2aThe University Lodge of Liverpool No 4274 was originally founded in 1921 to provide a masonic base for lecturers, students and administrators working and studying at the University of Liverpool.

    Over time and with the expansion of higher education in more recent years the lodge has evolved to offer membership to students, academic staff or administrators of any University.

    Having joined the Grand Lodge Universities` Scheme about 6 years ago the Lodge has an almost unique dispensation in the West Lancashire area to admit young men who are over 18yrs but under the normal age of 21yrs who are students studying on degree courses and has had success in attracting many young men to their ranks who might otherwise have not had the beneficial experience Freemasonry offers.

    The Lodge, because of its` situation in the Liverpool City Centre, tends to attract students from any of the Universities now established in the City but students or graduates of any University who can make their six meetings per year is welcomed.

    The University Lodge of Liverpool has members from all of the academic disciplines offered by the local Universities and is also a member of the Association of Medical, University and Legal Lodges as well as an associated Chapter of the Holy Royal Arch.

    South Shore Lodge No 4672

    The lodge originated in South Blackpool, meeting at The Brighton Hydro, The Imperial Hotel and Poulton Masonic Hall during the early years. The lodge is now settled at Cleveleys Masonic Hall. South Shore’s mother lodge Fylde, and one of its sisters Meliora Sequamer merged in the late 1990’s, but the lodge continued to struggle, the remaining members joining South Shore when Fylde handed in its warrant.

    Due to the link with Meliora Sequamer, which was the Blackpool Grammer School Lodge, South Shore is a member of The National Federation of School Lodges. South Shore are to host the National Festival on 23 September 2013 at The Inn on the Prom in St Annes (Further details are available from the secretary).

    To find out more about South Shore Lodge But for most, it is an enjoyable hobby. or if you would like to visit the lodge email the lodge secretary southshore@westlancsfreemasons.org.uk

    Arrowhead Lodge of Freedom No 8500

    The name Arrowhead’ is taken from the heraldic description of the Scout Association’s badge. The lodge badge includes the Scout Association’s ‘Arrowhead’ and as required by United Grand Lodge it is used with permission of the Committee of the Council of the Scout Association.

    The Founder Members decided that membership of the lodge should be open to all those working with Youth Organisations and not confined to those with a Scouting background. Membership is also drawn from other sources and members are encouraged o support the Youth Organisations in some way.

    The lodge by-laws start with a preamble stating: ”The Lodge, which is called Arrowhead Lodge of Freedom No. 8500, is primarily intended for those connected with Scouting and other Youth organisations.

    The sponsoring lodge was the Lodge of Freedom No 5918 and when they amalgamated with Arrowhead Lodge in November 2004 it was decided to amend the name to Arrowhead Lodge of Freedom No 8500. This was a gesture to the Lodge of Freedom No 5918 which had been named as such as marking the ‘Freedom’ that was in sight as the Second World war came to its end in 1944-45.

    The Lodge is an active member of the Kindred Lodges Association, a body of about 40 Lodges in the English, Scottish and Irish Constitutions, with associates all over the world which links lodges with a kindred interest in Youth. Member lodges in turn sponsor Festivals throughout the United Kingdom each Spring and Autumn.

    The lodge has sponsored two at Freemasons’ Hall London (1978 and 1988) together with three more at Wigan and Ashton (1992, 1998, 2007). The lodge is to sponsor the 2014 Spring Festival at Bryn at the 40th  anniversary of the lodge in April 2014.

    To find out more about Arrohead Lodge of Freedom or If you would like to visit the lodge email arrowheadlodgeoffreedom@westlancsfreemasons.org.uk

    Dona Conferentes Lodge No 9392

    The name Dona Conferentes was chosen to specifically fit the ethos of this very special lodge. It means ‘a meeting of givers’ or ‘a conference of donors’ and as this suggests, was founded to provide an environment where charity stewards and other brethren connected in any way with charities could exchange ideas, practices and views about one of the most important aspects of Freemasonry.

    The lodge is a peripatetic one and meets four times a year at different Masonic halls throughout the Province of West Lancashire. The format of their meetings, apart from the installation meeting, includes a lecture or presentation which usually has a charity theme.

    To find out more about Dona Conferentes visit the lodge’s website www.donaconferenteslodge.org.ukor If you would like to visit the lodge email donaconferentes@westlancsfreemasons.org.uk

    Red Rose of Lancashire Lodge No 9640

    The Red Rose of Lancashire Lodge was consecrated on 21 October 1997.  The lodge was formed to provide a Masonic forum for serving and retired officers of the Lancashire Constabulary and its constituent Boroughs, who would not otherwise have the opportunity to share their interest in the Craft under normal professional circumstances.  The lodge is formed from members of both East and West Lancashire Provinces with one from much further afield.

    The Lodge meets twice a year October (Installation) and March at The Masonic Hall Leyland, with an additional meeting held by dispensation in East Lancashire at a venue chosen by the WM of the year and is generally a Masonic Lecture.

    To find out more about Red Rose of Lancashire or if you would like to visit the lodge email the lodge secretary redroseoflancashire@westlancsfreemasons.org.uk

    Radio Millennium Lodge No 9709

    Radio Millennium Lodge was consecrated in November 2000. The lodge was formed by a number of Masons who were licenced radio amateurs and between them had drawn up a list of brothers who were interested in becoming founders of a new lodge. The lodge was formed and subsequently consecrated in the year of the millennium.

    A number of the founding members were also masons who were members of the local Trafford Radio Group, and the list grew until they had enough members to be able to approach West Lancashire Provincial Office to form a Lodge for Radio Amateurs.

    Since its inception, the membership is slowly growing and now includes members of the lodge who are not radio amateurs nor electronically involved but are interested in being a member of a good, active and vibrant lodge of which we have a common interest in amateur radio and supporting the Charities.

    The lodge meets five times a year at Urmston Masonic Hall. The format of their meetings, apart from the annual installation meeting, are ceremonially active, lectures or presentations of masonic interest.

    To find out more about Radio Millennium or If you would like to visit the lodge email radiomillennium@westlancsfreemasons.org.uk