Improvements made at Ecclesholme

New innovations have taken place in the lounge facing the Eccles Masonic Hall. Already in the lounge is a bar area and working bench for those residents wishing to enjoy a drink and travel back in time to years gone by.

The ‘Wall Herb Garden’,

The ‘Wall Herb Garden’,

The new addition to the lounge is the ‘Wall Herb Garden’, with a large range of boxes of herbs for those residents interested wishing to get involved with gardening and appreciating the wonderful sight in the lounge. There are many items of memorabilia to see in the lounge with posters from the past and a sewing machine from yesteryear.

There is a mural painting on the wall, which shows the wonderful sights of the summer months of the past. Memories are made of these images.

With the help from the subscribing brethren in both West and East Lancashire Provinces the Association of Friends Committee have funded the alterations to the ‘Old Sweet shop’.

This bow window enhances the look of the well-used sweet shop, where sweets are provided free to the residents on request. All sweets provided again by everyone’s generosity of the brethren who continues to support our main aims and objectives to improve the lifestyle of our residents.

The Association will again hold their annual Summer Fair on Sunday 7 June at Eccles Masonic Hall and are delighted that the Provincial Grand Master and his wife are to be in attendance and will open the fair on the day. We are looking forward to many members and their families to attend and enjoy the afternoon and assist us in providing more things for our ‘Residents’ Amenity Fund’.

There is also the opportunity to support the association by becoming a £5 a month supporter of the association, which is a new venture taken on by the committee.

Anyone wishing to subscribe should e-mail  or request a standing order from the association treasurer a certificate thanking those supporting the cause will be presented to those subscribing.