Ian installed into the chair of St Luke’s

The brethren of St Luke’s Lodge No 6006 and their many guests recently gathered at Litherland Masonic Hall, for the installation of Ian Gee as their new worshipful master. This is the third time Ian has occupied the chair of WM for the lodge and for the evening’s ceremony the lodge was honoured by the presence of the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Stewart Seddon who is responsible for the Leyland and Chorley Groups. Stewart was accompanied on the evening by Howard Jones the Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master, the Ormskirk and Bootle Group Chairman, Frank Umbers, as well as a number of grand and acting Provincial grand officers.

Pictured from left to right, are: Stewart Seddon, Ian Gee and Ray Barrow.

Pictured from left to right, are: Stewart Seddon, Ian Gee and Ray Barrow.

The acting WM for the evening Ray Barrow, warmly welcomed everyone to the installation and proceeded to open the lodge. Once the initial business was completed, Ray opened in the second and third degree then lodge DC Simon Gray entered the room and announced that Stewart Seddon was without and demanded admission. Stewart was duly admitted in a possession, accompanied by Howard Jones and Frank Umbers, with the other grand and the acting Provincial officers.

Ray warmly welcomed Stewart into the lodge, before offering the gavel to him, which Stewart graciously declined saying: “I am delighted to be here this evening and I am looking forward to tonight’s ceremony and I return the gavel into your capable hands.”

The lodge was adjourned to the second degree with Ray then appointing past masters into the various positions to assist in the remainder of the ceremony. After Ian had taken his obligation the lodge was then returned to the third degree where Ray on behalf of the outgoing WM, Thomas McVeigh, thanked the brethren for all their support and hard work during his year in office. Ray then faultlessly installed Ian as master.

Ray delivered the working tools for all three degrees and concluded the installation ceremony in an excellent proficient manner. Whilst Ian was investing his officers, the address to the charity steward was given by the group charity steward David Sullivan, the address to the mentor by Frank Umbers, that to the inner guard by Len Hudson and the address to the tyler by William Dumbell; all the addresses being delivered in a proficient manner.

Once Ian had invested his officers for the forthcoming year, the address to WM was given by Ray Barrow; followed by the address to the wardens by Simon Gray and the address to the brethren by Stewart Seddon.

With the ceremony being completed, Stewart brought the personal greetings and congratulations to Ian from the Provincial Grand Master, Tony Harrison; Stewart then thanked Ray for the excellent ceremony that evening saying that it was delightful installation.

Ian then had the pleasure of presenting Stewart with two cheques, £500 for the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity and £400 for the Litherland Masonic Hall. Stewart thanked the lodge on behalf of the recipients for their admirable donations.

Once the lodge was closed, the brethren retired to the dining room for an excellent festive board.

In responding to the toast to his health, Stewart thanked Ian and the brethren for the warm welcome he had received from the lodge that evening, saying: “Ian, in the lodge I had the privilege of conveying to you the personal congratulations of the Provincial Grand Master on your installation. Now in less formal surroundings of the festive board I have the opportunity of adding my own congratulations and those of my, and your many colleagues of Grand Lodge, led of course by our Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Howard Jones and your group chairman Frank Umbers and I’m sure they have enjoyed this installation ceremony as much as I have; especially the splendid work undertaken by your installing master Ray Barrow. We hope you have a most satisfying and productive year of office and that you enjoy the very best of good health not only to fulfil your duties of the chair you now occupy but also the many other Masonic and social activities that being in the chair naturally attracts.”

Stewart Seddon, Ian Gee, Ray Barrow, with grand and acting Provincial grand officers.

Stewart Seddon, Ian Gee, Ray Barrow, with grand and acting Provincial grand officers.

Stewart, during his response, also informed the brethren about the Royal Arch, asking the brethren who are Royal Arch Masons to forward the interests of Royal Arch Freemasonry to non-Royal Arch Masons, saying: “Make them aware of the existence of this most important degree.”

Stewart went on to inform the brethren about the 300-year anniversary of organised Freemasonry since the formation of the United Grand Lodge of England in 1717, asking the brethren to support the many events that are being held in Province and the group, when and where they can. Stewart then proceeded to inform everyone about the MCF 2021 Festival asking the brethren to support the festival saying: “The Festival preliminaries have been up and running for a little while now and the official launch will take place at Provincial Grand Lodge. However, a number of Festival Jewels are on display today and I thank those brethren for their early support.”

During the festive board the master’s song was exquisitely performed by Don Fraser, who was accompanied on the piano superbly by Raymond Massey; both members of Eureka Lodge No 3763. Ian responded to the toast to his health by saying: “I am truly honoured to be given the opportunity to go in to the chair again of St Luke’s.” Ian thanked Ray for all his hard work for the group over the years.

During the evening a raffle was held raising £180 which will be donated to the lodge’s widows later in the year.