Fermor Hesketh holds ‘Hot Pot’ evening

The master of Fermor Hesketh Lodge No 1350, David Maher, wished to hold a ‘Hot Pot’ evening at the Masonic Hall in Ormskirk which was promptly booked and the menu finalised in conjunction with the hall chef Gary O’Brien.

It has been some time since the lodge had organised such an event, which was aimed to attract fairly large numbers. The wheels started to turn with the issue of a flier to advertise the evening and the lodge quickly had bookings for the event.

Richard Craig had organised the entertainment which was to include himself and one other. Ken Meath got off to a great start organising the raffle and the bingo.  Bill Hunter did the table plan and instead of table numbers or letters decided to name tables after famous Scottish Glens. These included Glen Coe, the site of the MacDonald’s massacre by the Campbell’s, and also Glen Buck the home of the famous Liverpool Manager Bill Shankly.

The evening got off to a great start. The room filled up quickly with people attending from far and wide; St. James Lodge No 8910 from the Chorley Group was represented, as was Arthur Stanley Lodge No 3469. In total a number in excess of 70 people attended. The raffle table was soon full with a range of prizes.

Tasters of the evening.

Tasters of the evening.

The guests settled and the chaplain Derek Finney said grace before the food was served, The ‘Hot Pot’ was simply delicious and some of the bigger eaters even had seconds.  After the meal was completed Derek returned thanks and the evening’s entertainment commenced.

Unfortunately the lead artist had to cry off as she had not been too well, but Fermor Hesketh Lodge did of course have the talents of Richie Gale to fall back on. Richie better known as Richard Craig soon got into his stride and entertained everyone with a repertoire of many old favourites. Then after completing his first spot he took a break and this was the signal for Ken Meath to start the Irish Bingo.

Ken had been busy selling bingo tickets during Richie’s session. It had been agreed that the winner would receive a prize equal to half the money raised by ticket sales. The bingo ran for some time with three participants still standing, after another number was drawn all three sat down. Unperturbed Ken asked the three to stand again and continued to call numbers with the final winner being Derek Finney.

Ken then announced that the raffle would be held next and asked David Maher and his wife Karen to assist him in drawing the raffle tickets. The raffle prizes ranged from flowers to wines, spirits and mystery gifts. It seemed that each table had won a prize and when the raffle was complete, Ken announced the return of Richie for his second spot.

The dancing was led by lodge’s very own twinkle toes, Dave Sullivan and his wife Jen and they were given seven out of ten by the audience for their efforts.  Soon the dance floor was filled in the main by ladies; the gents perhaps being put off by Dave’s obvious dancing skills!!

As proceedings drew towards an end those present were entertained by the ever welcome ‘Tales of Derek Finney.’  Derek has gained a reputation as the lodge story teller often offering a tale or two after the festive board. He regaled everyone with a number of funny stories which were well received by all present.

The evening was complete when David Maher spoke to the gathering thanking them for their attendance hoping they enjoyed themselves and wishing them a safe journey home.