David in at Lord Byron

There were only five visitors from the Furness and South Lakeland Group present at the installation meeting of Lord Byron Lodge No 150 – but as the lodge is under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Greece and meets in Corfu that is not a bad turnout.

Pictured from left to right are: the Nicholson’s John, David Snr and David Jnr.

Installed as master on the day was David Nicholson Snr who has been a member of the Dalton-in-Furness based Baldwin Lodge No 1398 for over 50 years. Some 27 years ago David set sail on his boat from Barrow-in-Furness and after a couple of years spent in various Mediterranean countries, finally dropped his anchor in Corfu. David and his wife Gwen still live on the boat.

He became a member of Lord Byron Lodge which, although most of the members are Greek, practices English ritual delivered in the English language. In fact on the day his Greek predecessor installed him in excellent English in what was a delightful ceremony.

Pictured left from left to right, are: David Nicholson Jnr, Dennis Laird, Geoff Biddulph and John Broadhurst. Pictured right: David Nicholson Snr (centre) flanked by his newly appointed Greek wardens.

The visitors were not just there to enjoy the Greek hospitality however but were also called into action and took part in the ceremony. John Broadhurst delivered the working tools of the third degree, Geoff Biddulph those of the first degree and Dennis Laird was called upon to orate the address to the wardens. Taking pride of place however was David Nicholson Jnr who presented the second degree tools to his obviously very proud father.

In return, one of the first tasks of David Snr was to present a lodge jewel to David Jnr as a joining member of Lord Byron lodge. There will now be three Nicholson members of the lodge as John, who lives with his father on the island, is also a member.

David Snr and David Jnr are also members of Baldwin Chapter No 1398 and as the elder had achieved the 50 years milestone as a member of the Royal Arch, a certificate to mark his golden jubilee was taken along to Corfu. This was presented by John Broadhurst who is a long standing friend of the recipient.

The lodge is only small but the visitors found that what it lacked in numbers it more than made up for in the quality of the ritual and the warmth of the welcome afforded both before the meeting and at the festive board.

It is hoped that this will be the first of many fraternal visits.

Pictured from left to right seated, are: John Broadhurst, Dennis Laird, David Nicholson Snr and Geoff Biddulph. Standing are: David Nicholson Jnr and Bob Herbert.