City Lodge delivers the passing

Members of City Lodge No 2514 meeting at Woolton Golf Club heard of the plight of University Lodge of Liverpool No 4274 which has been inundated with candidates through the Universities scheme and was struggling to complete their passing ceremonies. WM of City Lodge George Powell made enquiries through his secretary to see if they could offer assistance.

Pictured from left to right, are:  Alan Moore, Emilio Chiquito and George Powell.

Pictured from left to right, are: Alan Moore, Emilio Chiquito and George Powell.

Secretary of University Lodge of Liverpool Alan Moore responded with a candidate for passing to the second degree, Emilio Antonio Chiquito who had been initiated in October 2014. Emilio was born in Northern Ireland, his father, a well-respected trauma doctor and surgeon is Ecuadorian and mother Irish. The family have lived in many countries but Emilio had his senior education in England and now studies Law at the University of Liverpool. In September he will be starting further studies at Manchester for his barrister training but has no intention of leaving Merseyside.

George Powell, accompanied by his officers opened the lodge and the minutes of the previous regular meeting were confirmed and signed. The WM then enquired if any brother present was desirous of being passed to the second degree, at which point Emilio stood and accompanied by the deacons was asked the usual questions and was then entrusted before he retired from the lodge. The WM opened the lodge in the second degree and Emilio was readmitted, took his obligation and was passed to degree of a fellowcraft.

The senior warden Andrew Prowse deftly delivered the explanation of the second degree working tools whilst Stephen Joseph Riley expertly presented the explanation of the second degree tracing board. The WM spoke to Emilio and hoped he would continue his Freemasonry saying that he would probably not have heard a finer explanation of the tracing board than the one given this evening. George then closed the meeting.

All the brethren retired to the festive board where a raffle was held raising the sum of £50 for Tithebarn. Alan Moore thanked the WM and brethren of City Lodge who conducted the ceremony saying that he was pleased to be present to witness a fine ceremony. The first prize in the raffle draw was won by Emilio!

Woolton Group Chairman Andy Whittle sent his respects to Emilio and Alan with apologises for not being able to be present at the ceremony due to other commitments.