Brethren are finally ‘brought to book’!

When Mike Barrett, a comparatively new member of Carnforth Lodge No 4951, suggested that the lodge consider replicating a practice already adopted in some other lodges whereby those brethren who were called to the Grand Lodge Above should have their passing recorded in a lodge Book of Remembrance it was greeted with great approval.

Pictured from left to right, are; Mark Quainoo, Jim Catlow, Anne Quainoo and Jayne Quainoo

Pictured from left to right, are; Mark Quainoo, Jim Catlow, Anne Quainoo and Jayne Quainoo

After some investigation by lodge secretary Ian Birnie it became clear that such books are very much a bespoke item and are not available ‘off the shelf’ – with commensurate costs involved.

However, during investigations into the feasibility of acquiring a Book of Remembrance, Jim Quainoo, a member of the lodge for 37 years, sadly passed away and Jim’s widow Anne, daughter Jayne and son Mark (who is a member of Defence Lodge No 1221 in Leeds) expressed a keen desire to gift something to the lodge in fond memory of their beloved husband and father..

What better gift of remembrance could there be than a Book of Remembrance and Anne, Jayne and Mark were pleased and proud to agree that this should be acquired for the lodge in their name.

Ian therefore approached specialist Masonic suppliers DMC Regalia of Preston in order to source a Masonic Book of Remembrance.

To ensure that the book was kept and housed appropriately Anne suggested that a suitable wooden case be made for it and asked Brian Tobbell, a friend who is gifted in the making of artisan wooden items, if he would consider using his talents to craft an ornate box to hold the book of remembrance.

Brian was delighted to agree and produced a box from wood which perfectly matched all the other natural wood features in the lodge room to the great acclaim of everyone.

The lodge then turned its attention to how best for Anne, Jayne and Mark to make the presentation and the Christmas meeting presented an ideal opportunity when family and friends traditionally join the brethren at the festive board.

On this occasion, however, a special dispensation was applied for, and granted, to allow non-Masons to be present in the lodge room itself after the lodge had been closed but brethren were still clothed in their regalia in order that the special gifts could be formally presented and recorded in the minutes.

Master of the lodge Jim Catlow was therefore pleased to welcome all the visitors into the lodge room and Mrs Anne Quainoo was escorted to the master’s pedestal to be personally welcomed by Jim and invited to sit on his right. Mrs Quainoo announced to the brethren and visitors that a special book of remembrance had been produced along with a bespoke wooden box in memory of her late husband Jim Quainoo which she was very proud to present to the lodge.

Jim Catlow was delighted to receive the book on behalf of all members and thanked the Quainoo family for this lasting tribute to a long-serving and much respected member of the lodge.