Barry takes control of Liverpool

David Winder with WM Barry Kilby

David Winder(left) with Barry Kilby.

Liverpool Lodge No 1547 was pleased to have Assistant Provincial Grand Master David Winder as the principal guest to their annual installation ceremony at Hope Street. The lodge was first opened in due form by the installing master Ged Wilson, ably assisted by his officers and the director of ceremonies, Tom Hough. On completing the opening business, the lodge admitted David and Ged extended to him a warm welcome on behalf of himself and the brethren and hoped he would enjoy a relaxed and pleasant evening. On this occasion David was accompanied by the Vice Chairman of the Liverpool Group, David Johnson, with a number of grand officers and acting Provincial officers. These included local Liverpool men Barry Elman, Roy Ashley and Eric Poole who is a Provincial Assistant Director of Ceremonies.

On commencement of the installation ceremony, the master elect Barry Kilby was first presented before being installed into the chair of King Solomon in fine style. After the officers for the forthcoming year had been invested, the address to the master was delivered in an exemplary fashion by Roy Ashley, while his twin brother Bernie in similar manner addressed the wardens. As is customary, it was the principal guest, David Winder, who gave the address to the brethren of the lodge.

Tom MacLaughlin, gave an enthralling presentation and explanation of the working tools appropriate to an installed master, while Jack Parker gave those for a master mason. Tom again took to the floor to deliver the tools appertaining to the fellow crafts and Ray Ho completed the set by presenting and explaining the tools used by an entered apprentice.

Barry’s first duty as master was a pleasant one as he presented two cheques to David on behalf of the lodge, one to the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity for £50, the other to the Liverpool Masonic Hall Building Fund for £150. The lodge throughout the evening set a sterling example of how an installation ceremony could be shared amongst the members to make them all feel involved; it was an absolute credit to all who took part.

Pictured from left to right , are: Barry Elman, Eric Poole, David Winder, WM Barry Kilby, IPM Ged Wilson, and Roy Ashley.

Pictured from left to right, are: Barry Elman, Eric Poole, David Winder, Barry Kilby,  Ged Wilson, and Roy Ashley.