At the heart of a treasurer

David Cook drinks to the health of the happy treasurer!

David Cook drinks to the health of the happy treasurer!

A lodge treasurer’s lot is not an easy one. He must collect money; he must protect it; he must account for it; and (Oh dear, it doesn’t bear thinking about) he must spend it sometimes. The latter is challenged each year by the Group in demanding necessary group dues. Generally it is a standard procedure and the whole practice is accomplished with little or no excitement. To David Cook, vice chairman of the Blackpool group, it is just one of the many routine duties that need to be completed. Invoices are circulated to lodge secretaries and cheques are received. It is as simple and straightforward as that.

There are some lodge treasurers, however, who are blessed with a sense of humour and an impish, youthful sense of irony. One such treasurer is Bernard Hopkinson of Saturnian Lodge No 7563. The following is the response to David’s invoice from Bernard:

Dear David

Re: Group Dues 2017

At our Lodge meeting last night our secretary surprised me with your request for payment of the above.

Paramedics attending my distress, stabilised the resultant anaphylactic shock, their treatment for my natural, instinctive reluctance and acute aversion to part with monies; being brought under control, quelled my antipathy, enabled a momentary spasmodic grasp of the Lodge cheque book.

Please therefore, find enclosed cheque for the required amount, it being this year’s Dues from Saturnian Lodge No 7563.

Yours sincerely and fraternally

B Hopkinson ……. Treasurer Saturnian Lodge No 7563

A little fun and happiness can be so easily spread when youthful humour is at the heart of a treasurer!