APrGM John Hutton receives grand rank promotion

John Hutton, Assistant Provincial Grand Master for the South Eastern Group and Eccles Group, has received a promotion in grand rank to that of Past Senior Grand Deacon at United Grand Lodge in London.

John was initiated into Pendlebury Lodge No 8177 on 17 March 1971 and exalted into Chapter of Hope No 2679 on 26 April 1974; he is a joining member of Quingenti Lodge No 8516 and also Lathom Lodge No 2229. Having served as worshipful master of Pendlebury Lodge in 1978, John has excelled in his Craft Freemasonry being appointed as an acting Provincial Grand Steward in 1987 and promoted through the ranks to Past Junior Grand Deacon of which he received in April 2011 at United Grand Lodge of England in London.

John Hutton.

John Hutton.

In 2013, John was invested as the 91st Assistant Provincial Grand Master of the Province at a special meeting of Grand Lodge held at his mother lodge, which having met in Swinton Masonic Hall, saw a full complement of Provincial officers headed up by Howard Jones to invest John on a very special evening.

Similarly in John’s Royal Arch career, he became first principal in 1986; then again he completed a second term in 2010. His first Royal Arch appointment was to Provincial Grand Steward in 1996 rising through the ranks to Past Grand Standard Bearer, then promoted to Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals and in 2009 was then promoted to Past Assistant Grand Sojourner. In 2012 John was promoted to Second Provincial Grand Principal. John is also a joining member of the Provincial Grand Stewards’ Chapter of West Lancashire No 8516 where he was installed as first principal in 2008.

John’s holds two Masonic managerial positions; he is a director and treasurer of Swinton Masonic Hall and also Chairman of Swinton Charitable Trust. On a personal note, John was born in Eccles in 1945 where, soon after his family moved to Little Hulton and John was brought up in a working bakery shop environment. Similarities between Ronny Barker’s ‘open all hours’ and the Hutton’s family business were not too dissimilar. Bread, cakes and pies were all baked and prepared in readiness to be put on display in the shop area before weekday school and Saturday morning football could commence.

After leaving school at 15 years old, a position in the family firm was swiftly declined in favour of an apprenticeship in engineering. John said “Starting work at 5 am and finishing at 11.00 pm didn’t seem quite right.” Day and night school brought a change in career to an apprentice technician, finishing as a scientific engineer working with electron microscopes and other large vacuum instruments.

John Hutton (left) and Dave Walmsley (Eccles Group Chairman).

John Hutton (left) and Dave Walmsley (Eccles Group Chairman).

John met his wife Anthea dancing in Bolton; they married in 1968 and after a series of moves finally settled in Bolton. Anthea gave up her career as a university administrator after the birth of their daughter Clare. Today Clare is happily married and has provided two grandchildren – Ben and Harry.

New skills, technical knowledge, promotions and take overs saw John responsible for teaching, research and developments in one of the UK’s largest electron microscopy units with a title of Senior Experimental Officer. After a few years of travelling around the country, overseas and of course more importantly, marriage to Anthea, a new and interesting employment position was sought at Manchester University’s Department of Botany and Zoology.

Although eventual early retirement from university life happened in 1996, an ongoing active interest in research, development of unique equipment and histology glass knives continued on at a slower pace with his own scientific glass and engineering company, albeit nowadays on a part time basis. John’s hobbies include tennis, walking, grandchildren, Freemasonry and travel to which John and Anthea have had extended horizons to such far off places as the America’s, Canada, China, Europe and Egypt.