Admin and PR Care Officers

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  • The management of the care structure within the Province of West Lancashire is administered by three separate groups of equal standing working together, the structure consisting of:

    • 17 Admin Care Officers (ACOs)
    • Eight Admin and PR Care Officers (APRCOs)
    • 14 Pastoral Care Officers (PCOs)

    The above will be responsible to the Provincial Grand Almoner and his deputy.

    The role of the APRCOs is a dual function, the first is to provide back-up to the Admin Care Officer in the administration of applications, this will ensure there is 52 week coverage for our clients. This ensures the swift and accurate completion and submission of all applications and re-applications.

    The APRCOs will also give presentations to lodges, chapters and fellowship meetings to continue the important work of spreading the ‘Care’ message.

    The APRCOs must also be familiar and conversant with the work of, and applications procedures relevant to, the new Masonic Charitable Foundation and the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity.

    The APRCOs need to be familiar with all aspects concerning ‘Care’, particularly concerning care of the elderly. He will also be required to advise on how to apply for accommodation in residential and nursing homes both private and Masonic for eligible applicants within his geographical area.

    It is important that the three members of the team (PCO, ACO and the APRCO) all work closely together as a unit, and in conjunction with almoners and general members of the craft.

    The APRCOs will also be required to liaise with members of the Advice and Support Team and to attend training provided by the Province and Freemasonry Cares under the new Masonic Charitable Foundation.

    It is essential that the APRCOs are motivated to ensure that the care system within the Province of West Lancashire is being managed correctly, swiftly and efficiently to enable those in need to be identified and supported quickly and in an appropriate manner.

  • Paul Broadley
    Paul Broadley
    Responsible for Lancaster and Barrow

  • Arthur Cartain
    Arthur Cartain
    Responsible for Blackpool, North and South Fylde

  • Andrew Cogle
    Andrew Cogle
    Responsible for Chorley and Leyland

  • George Seddon
    George Seddon
    Responsible for Wigan and Leigh

  • Robert-Teesdale
    Alan Haworth
    Responsible for Preston

  • Tom Bradfield-Kay
    Tom Bradfield-Kay
    Responsible for Ormskirk and Bootle

  • Karl Brennan
    Karl Brennan
    Responsible for Liverpool and Widnes

  • Gerry Lawes
    Gerry Lawes
    Responsible for Eccles, Warrington, St Helens and Prescot