Adelphi becomes the latest ‘Grand Patron’

Meeting just four times a year, the installation meeting at Adelphi Lodge No 6819, comes around very quickly for the officers of the lodge. In the year that sees the launch of the MCF 2021 Festival, this installation meeting however, was concluded by a very special presentation, a certificate confirming Adelphi Lodge as a ‘Grand Patron’ of the MCF 2021 Festival.

Harry White (left) congratulates Dave Douglas.

Harry White (left) congratulates Dave Douglas.

To say that the installation ceremony was performed magnificently does not do justice to the officers taking part as it was, without doubt, more than magnificent. Paul Shirley, DC, set the standard which was maintained throughout. Sadly, due to the hospitalisation of the WM John Mitchell, the IPM Harry White, occupied the master’s chair and with the assistance of his wardens, opened the lodge.

Following confirmation of the minutes, there followed two ballots. Firstly for a joining member, Colin Higginson, master elect of King David Lodge No 7256 and a candidate, Mr Philip McTaggard, both of which proved in favour. Colin was admitted and welcomed by Harry on behalf of the worshipful master and brethren of the lodge. The lodge was then opened in the second and third degrees. Paul having retired from the lodge was re-admitted to announce that Assistant Provincial Grand Master, David Winder was without and demanded admission. David was admitted accompanied by Ian Sanderson, group secretary, together with other grand and acting Provincial grand lodge officers. Harry welcomed David with a hope that he would enjoy the ceremony and of course, the festive board, he also offered David the gavel. David replied that he was hoping to enjoy himself, he therefore handed back the gavel to Harry.

Salutations then followed to David, grand and Provincial grand lodge officers. In turn, they thanked the brethren and greeted them well. The master Masons lodge was adjourned and labour resumed in the second degree. Harry then proceeded to request past masters to assist him by occupying the warden’s chairs for the ceremony of installation. Sean Keyes as senior warden, Steve Irvine as junior warden and Eric Mahoney to act as inner guard. Paul Wilson then presented Dave Douglas as master elect to Harry. Dave assented to the ancient charges and regulations before taking his place in front of Harry to repeat his obligation, which he did in a perfectly delivered and concise manner. Labour was resumed in the third degree and after all those below the rank of an Installed Master retired, a board of installed masters was declared.

Pictured from left to right, are: John Clarke, David Winder, Dave Douglas and Harry White.

Pictured from left to right, are: John Clarke, David Winder, Dave Douglas and Harry White.

Harry then proceeded to install Dave into the chair of King Solomon in a sincere and perfectly performed ceremony. Dave was declared as worshipful master for the ensuing twelve months and saluted accordingly. He was then saluted by master Masons, fellowcrafts and entered apprentices in turn. The working tools in each degree were presented and explained by Dean Dwyer, Stewart Allen and Mike Fox respectably.

Dave then appointed his officers for the ensuing year, Mike Fox as senior warden and Dean Scrutton as junior warden. The address to the master was given by Paul Shirley and the address to the wardens by Paul Dooley. David Winder addressed the brethren of Adelphi Lodge.  Addresses were all given with an obvious sincerity.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, David immediately rose to congratulate Dave as the newest ruler in the province. David also congratulated installing master, Harry, and the DC, Paul on the smooth running of the evening’s proceedings and the fine work demonstrated. David then moved around the lodge room congratulating the brethren who presented the tools and commented on the fact that Dean Dwyer as senior deacon was also senior to his father, Peter Dwyer. Four years hence, should see Dean Installing his father into the chair of the lodge.

Worshipful master Dave, then had the pleasure of presenting three cheques to David, £2,000 to the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity, a further cheque for £500 to the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity, proceeds of a sponsored bike ride, and a cheque for £4,200 made payable to the MCF 2021 Festival, total giving amounted to the grand sum of £6,700. David thanked the members of Adelphi Lodge for their generosity and then presented a certificate signed by the PrGM Tony Harrison, confirming that the lodge was now a ‘Grand Patron’ and entitled to bear it on the lodge summons. The brethren applauded loudly.

Following grand lodge communications, David and other grand lodge officers processed out of the Empire Room escorted by the Provincial deacons led by acting provincial officer, Ian Walton and Matt Casson, Provincial Steward. Once the lodge was closed, forty members and guests then crossed to The Crosby Suite for pre-dinner drinks where David delighted in proposing a toast to Dave as WM and his installing master, Harry.

Then all present took their seats to enjoy a fine meal with an ample supply of wine. Following the toast to grand lodge officers, David Winder took pleasure in responding, adding much humour as well as the most serious part, promoting the MCF 2021 Festival. The toast to the WM was proposed by Harry and of course, Dave responded in an eloquent manner.

Finally the Tyler, John Hibbart, gave the tyler’s toast.

The end of a perfect evening full of happy memories for Dave and all the members of Adelphi Lodge.

Story and photos by Phil Marshall.

Pictured from left to right, are: Alan Howarth, David Winder, Dave Douglas, Matt Casson, Harry White and Ian Walton.

Pictured from left to right, are: Alan Howarth, David Winder, Dave Douglas, Matt Casson, Harry White and Ian Walton.