A visit to the centre of Wales

The welcome had been so warm and friendly at the last visit to Welchpool Chapter No 998 that there was no shortage of companions from the Chorley Group for another away day to the centre of Wales. In fact there was a mini bus load.

The trip was organised by Rey Morris who is a member of the chapter. Those travelling with Rey were Ken Shaw, Don Hesketh, Mick Matthews, Richard Frazer-Bastable, Bob Crabtree and John Breakwell.

After opening the chapter, the three principals; Douglas Wood first principal, Hugh Tombs second principal and Brian Hicks third principal, supported by members of the chapter, proceeded to exalt Jeffrey Hurford.

The ceremony was perfect with the work in the chapter being spread amongst many of the companions, all under the watchful eye of director of ceremonies Alun Bunford.

Welchpool Chapter meet in Newtown which is a jewel of a place. It is an excellent chapter and they have excellent dining rooms, with the warmest welcome possible from the companions. There is certainly something rather special in terms of Royal Arch Masonry in Mid-Wales.

The trip to Newtown was uneventful; the trip home was anything but that. The number of road closed signs was enormous and the trust placed in the sat nav was complete. Eventually it was home, sweet home.

The visitors from Chorley and companions of Welchpool Chapter.

The visitors from Chorley and companions of Welchpool Chapter.