A visit to Leeds armoury

15 members of the West Lancashire Clay Pigeon Shooting Society made their way to Leeds  Armoury from various locations arriving at 11am. Owing to staff changes the societies  booking had not been noted and the party was not expected!

However, following some ‘Greek Finance Minister style negotiations’ by Mike Casey an Irish colleen was found to give the visitors a conducted tour and explanation about mainly English arms! She was in fact very good and gave the visitors a ‘whistle stop’ tour through the centuries starting with Henry VIII, Civil War, First World War and up to the present day.

The quality of some of the exhibits was outstanding and the visitors were allowed to wander freely around the armoury after the tour. Most gravitated to the hunting section which had some wonderful shotguns on show. Particularly interesting were the exhibits showing the development of English guns where the working parts and mechanisms could be seen.

The original booking was for the visitors from West Lancashire to have a hands on period in the basement where items not on public display  could be touched and examined. This could now form a not to be missed part of a another visit to the armoury in the future!

Some of the items on display.

Some of the items on display.