A ‘Royal Wedding’ at St Annes Palace

On the special occasion of the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, if you had walked through the doors of St Annes Palace Masonic Hall on the Saturday morning, you could have mistaken it for a setting befitting of the actual event which took place in Windsor, later that day!

The venue is appropriately attired, as are the guests!

The venue is appropriately attired, as are the guests!

Gathering from 10:30am onwards, over 50 ladies congregated to partake of a ‘bubbly’ reception, followed by a large screen viewing of the Royal Wedding.

What was special about this event was the absence of men; and there wasn’t a Mason in sight!  The ladies had gathered to share each others company and enjoy a great day out. However, there was to be a distinct benefit to Freemasonry before the end of the day.

The staff at St Annes Palace literally rolled out the red carpet and decorated the main hall in a very British theme. The presentation and decoration of the dining tables was particularly themed as if the ladies present were dining at an actual wedding. This of course was an easy task for the highly trained staff at the ‘Palace’ as it is locally known, as several weddings have already been held at the venue this year.

Following the service, (and several bottles of ‘bubbly’), the ladies were treated to a sumptuous afternoon tea, which was provided by Lee Munro’s Square and Compass’s Catering team.

During this delightful repast a raffle was organised which raised £180. This sum was very generously donated to the MCF 2021 Festival.

After the drink had flowed and the delicious food had been voraciously consumed, the ladies began to depart, all having had a thoroughly enjoyable day. The success of this event once again affirmed that St Annes Palace is clearly a jewel in the crown of the South Fylde Group.

Anyone wishing to enquire about either attending advertised events or holding events at the Palace should contact Pat Sumner at pattysums@aol.com.

The ‘guests’ gather in their elegant finery.

The ‘guests’ gather in their elegant finery.

Article by Ben Gorry.