A night of records at Victoria Lodge Sportsman’s Dinner

The annual Victoria Lodge No 2360 Sportsman’s Dinner was once again held at Southport Masonic Hall and this year it was hosted by the WM Gordon May. The guest speaker for the evening was none other than football legend Ian Snodin (ex-Everton) and the comedian was the hilarious Kurtis King .

Pictured from left to right, are: Peter Wall, Ian Snodin, Kurtis King and Gordon May.

Pictured from left to right, are: Peter Wall, Ian Snodin, Kurtis King and Gordon May.

The Scarborough Dining Room was filled to capacity on the night as a maximum number of gentlemen, including Masons and non-Masons, sat down to a sumptuous meal of Scotch broth, roast beef with all the trimmings, followed by cheese and biscuits and port.

It is an established custom at this event that the room is split into two halves and the evening commences with a sing off, with the losers being fined for their terrible singing.

The night continued with Ian Snodin taking the microphone and enthralling the room with his tales of his life in football especially at Leeds and Everton, with humorous anecdotes about famous footballing personalities.

At the interval, gentlemen were invited to take a tour of the hall and lodge rooms. Approximately 30 were given a tour and talk by Mike Robinson and Alan Phythian, following which three gentlemen expressed an interest in joining Freemasonry and becoming members.

Next on the microphone was comedian Kurtis King. His style of humour was hilarious, going around the room, up and down the aisles to bring his audience into his act. He kept all present truly entertained for over 40 side splitting minutes. Some say these two speakers were the best they had ever seen at a Sportsman’s Dinner.

A grand raffle organised by Joanne Wall, Denise Griffiths and Sally Hunt (members wives), who through the sale of both blue and white tickets took £800, which is a fantastic amount and we truly thank them for their help. The evening ended with everyone having had a good fill, a good laugh and great company.

This record breaking night had once again been organised by Peter Wall, which brought in maximum numbers of diners to test resident chef and new brother Wayne Warhurst, as well as taking all-time records over the bar. In addition the night also achieved a record breaking raffle which raised £2,500 for local charities and managed to attract three candidates, all in one very enjoyable and entertaining night! One that will be repeated next year.

An enjoyable and entertaining night.

An enjoyable and entertaining night.

If you missed this event and cannot wait until next year, tickets are now on sale for Victoria Lodge’s ‘Gentlemen to Dine’ event which will be on Tuesday 19 May with guest speakers and comedians, plus the usual fun and games.